Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pretty Ruffles & Warm Layers|OOTD|

Hey everyone! First off- CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer for winning my giveaway!!   Today's post is this November outfit of the day, consisting of pretty ruffles and warm layers!  I love my dresses, and since its getting a bit chilly this time of year I did the only thing I could, layered... a bunch.  But what makes the outfit  is all the ruffles incorporated in the dress and my socks peaking out from these combat boots!  To be honest, I actually planned this outfit around these ruffle socks, haha it just goes to show that you can create an outfit based out of the smallest article of clothing! 

You could say I got a bit excited about this outfit  based on these photos haha!  I am wearing this navy blue ruffle dress from Aeropostale that has a sweet heart neckline and cute tiny buttons at the top.  I think that navy is a really pretty color to wear in the fall and I am in love with all the ruffles in this dress, they are a fun and cute detail to the solid colored dress.  Since it is pretty cold in November I added a grey knit cardigan from Hollister to this outfit to keep me warm.  I really like the pairing of light grey with navy, it gives the outfit a nice mix of dark and light colors.  In my hair I added this white ribbon headband that looks really nice with all the ruffles going on! 


To keep my legs warm I am wearing these skin toned tights, because I didn't want them to take away from the socks and combat boots.  Now, the star garment of this outfit.... my grey ruffle socks from Aeropostale!!!  Yes they are just peaking out of my boots, but I LOVE the way they look!  The ruffles are so adorable and girly! Decorative socks like this have become a new obsession of mine and this pair is my favorite at the moment.  To match these socks I am wearing a fall fashion essential, combat boots!  This light brown / grey pair is from Steve Madden and has a distressed look to them, they tie the whole outfit together beautifully! 

I hope you enjoyed this little OOTD and got some outfit inspiration for late fall.  Before you know it it will be onto winter posts!  Items mentioned that are still available will be linked in Chloe's These are a few of my Favorite Things  Until next time! 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

October 2014 Favorites

Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you my October favorites!  Makeup, bath and body, haircare, and more, October was a great month for all things autumn! Plus, if you want to watch a video of me explaining my favorites, there is a video from my youtube channel in the beginning of this post.  I hope you all enjoy, and the links to the available idems mentioned will be listed in Chloe's These are a few of my Favorite things 



My first makeup favorite is this gorgeous blush by Sleek in the color 926 Rose Gold.  This is a perfect autumn blush that adds a deep pink golden glow to my cheeks.  I am in love with this product and it's literally the only blush I've been wearing this season! 

This Milani Illuminating face powder is a beautiful product to use as a bronzer if you have a fair skin tone.  It is in the shade 02 Hermosa rose and I use it as a bronzer because it is just dark enough to contour but doesn't look fake on my now pale fall/winter skin.  It has a deep rose tint to it's light brown shade and a bit of a glow as well.  If you are looking for a more natural product to warm up your face this is the one for you! Above is a further away picture of the product when I first got it and an up close one of  how it looks now.

For lip products I have been using this L'oreal lipliner in the shade Beyond Pink a lot!  It is a matte pink toned nude liner that reminds me of the lip color that Kylie Jenner wears often.  I wear this liner all over my lips and it gives off a nice neutral tone, which is perfect paired with a bold eyeshadow look.

The last makeup product I am going to talk about is this beautiful dark lipgloss by Maybelline in the shade 110 Mirrored Mauve.  It is a beautiful plum/berry/mauve high shine and pigment gloss.  I also love that this shade is not too dark for everyday wear, so I am constantly reaching for this beautiful mauve lip product!

Swatches Top to bottom (Sorry they are pretty light):  ~Sleek Blush in 926 Rose gold ~Milani Illuminating face powder  in 02 Hermosa Rose ~L'oreal Lip liner in Beyond Pink ~Maybelline High shine gloss in Mirrored Mauve    

In October I tried these two Argon oil of morocco products by the brand Organix and I love them both!  The product on the left is their penetrating oil, I use it before or after straightening and/or blowdrying my hair and it makes my hair soft, shiny, and healthy looking!  The product on the right is the Intense moisturizing treatment which I put in my hair after a shower and leave it in over night, this as well makes my hair super soft, and healthy looking.  But just to be warned with these too products, they do not fix broken hair, they just restore softness and shine to make it appear healthy, with that said they do their job well and that is why they are favorites of mine for this month!  


Yes, I do adore Sally Hanson nail polishes, but I thought that this month I would branch out and find something new,  it turns out that I found a favorite!  This Wet n Wild Megalast nail polish in the shade 206c Undercover is a beautiful mauve shade that is perfect for the fall!  Paired with my Sally Hanson Super shine top coat this polish wears just like a Sally Hanson one which is perfect because I am in love with the color! 

Of course I have been wearing a Sally Hanson polish as well this October!  This one is from the Diamond strength collection in the shade 420 Nude shimmer.  I love the light pink undertone to this nude / rose gold polish.  Such a gorgeous,  wearable, shimmer polish, that lasts about a week with no chips!


For fashion, this month I can't stop wearing this super cozy dress paired with my knee high socks!  The cream dress I have on is from Brandy Melville.  It is long sleeved and made of a soft cotton material witch is perfect for layering in the fall and winter seasons.  Since it is a cream colored dress and a bit see through I had to wear another dress underneath it, so I paired it with a beige floral shift dress from American eagle. I love how the floral dress can be seen peaking out of the bottom of the dress and the straps are shown as well, because it adds a vintage feel to to the outfit.  Since I went for a comfy look I have been obsessed with wearing my brown, knit, knee high socks from Target with this dress and they are so cute and cozy!  You may also recognize this outfit from my fall lookbook! Except in that picture, (third down) I dressed it up a bit more with my nude flats, this just shows the same dress can be worn different ways and give off a totally different vibe. 
Bath & Body 

I have quite a few fall scents I have been loving this month that I am excited to share with you!  This first pair is a soap and a body mist in the scent Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow comfort. The key notes are Pumpkin latte, Toasted Marshmallow, Creamy Sandalwood, White Ginger, and Praline Musk.  This scent is so warm, sweet and cozy, it reminds me of cuddling up by the fire on a cool autumn day.  When I went to find the bottle to type the scent description I was happily surprised to find this scent in lotion form as well! I didn't even remember I bought it! 

This Sweet Cinnamon pumpkin triple moisture body cream has been a life saver for my skin.  It smells beautifully reminiscent of pumpkin pie which is an added bonus too!  The key notes are Heirloom Pumpkin, Autumn Cinnamon,  Ginger Snap, Whipped Vanilla, and Golden amber.  I put this lotion on before I go to bed and all night and all morning I have smooth skin smelling of pumpkin pie.

This last product is a hand cream also by Bath and Bodyworks in the scent Vermont Sugar Maple.  Let me just tell you, this is one of my favorite scents that Bath and Bodyworks has ever made and I was so upset when they didn't make it in a fragrance or soap.  It's a sweet scent that smells deliciously of a maple cookie and I am obsessed!  This was a fall 2013 product and I knew they wouldn't make many more, so I bought 3 of them last year!  I wish it was still available, because this is my fall hand cream that I carry in my purse at all times and I will be pretty upset when it runs out.   

Cute things 

First for my Cute Things category is this Pumpkin tumblr cup!  It really got me into the Halloween spirt in October, and since I drink smoothies constantly, and I love collecting smoothie cups. This one was a cute addition to my collection! 

The last idem in this blogpost is my favorite favorite of October!  A cream colored fuzzy Blanket from Target!  I literally live wrapped in this blanket and only take it off when I leave the house (the obsession is real).  It's so soft and cuddly, the perfect blanket for chilly weather.  It was only 12 dollars at Target, and if I knew I would be this obsessed I would have bought wayyyy more!! 

I hope you all enjoyed my favorites, and if you are interested in any of the products mentioned take a look at Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things   Be sure to check out my last blogpost which includes my 1ST BLOGGER BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY of a BATH and BODYWORKS GIFT CARD, going on until November 19th.  Talk to me in the comments about these products and others you've been loving as well, and I'll see you soon! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

1st Blogger Birthday GIVEAWAY, Year in Review, Blogging fun♡

Hello everyone!!  If you didn't know already the end of October marked my first Blogger Birthday!! After one year is stronger then ever with 10,000 page views and over 400 Bloglovin followers, I am in pure shock!  On top of that the ever growing with over 500 subscribers  was created and features even more of the content from this blog and is doing amazing!  Only one year ago I sat on this very computer to write my very first post, if you look back you can see my progression of learning to write & take photos, and the way I do my makeup & even a bit of my style has changed as well.  To all of you lovely people who have read any to all of my posts, I thank you for coming along with me on my journey into the blogging world, and of course leaving me comments that make me smile time and time again.  To show my thanks, in this post I will be GIVING AWAY A $15 GIFT CARD to my favorite store for candles, perfumes, and body lotions BATH & BODYWORKS AT THE END OF THIS POST.  As well as the giveaway I will be reflecting a bit on my past year blogging plus some blogging fun, so sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Year in review  

From just one year I put out tons of posts; Makeup & Hair Tutorials, Reviews, DIYs, OOTDs, Lookbooks, Recipes and even a few Lifestyle posts!  I put together pictures from random posts to comment on my favorites, what I think of them now, and remarkable blogging opportunities! 
Also, click on the pictures in this blogpost to see what post/youtube video it comes from. 

Makeup Progression 

When I first started blogging I didn't really know to put a light shadow in my inner corner, so my eye shadow was pretty much flat and one color.  Same goes for my face, I didn't really know what conturing was so my face was pretty much all white.

I'd say my makeup over all has improved a lot with contouring and eyeshadow, but I still have things to work on such as eyeliner haha! 

Favorite outfits 

In the spring I had a HUGE obsession with floral crowns.  This floral dress with my rose floral crown is defiantly a favorite. 

This outfit is by far my favorite on the blog, from the pink floral skirt to the golden sandals, I am absolutely in love and it makes me miss June a bunch! 

Of course my Autumn Cranberry OOTD makes the list as well, as you can see from my three outfit favorites; I hate jeans and love floral dresses and skirts.  

DIY Decor Obsession 

When I started blogging I slowly become more crafty and fell in love with room decor, oops!  I am really proud of all my DIYs!  This Winter Shadowbox is one of my favorites. 

I also really love this Beach in a bowl I made, because if I had it my way I would live at the beach! 

My first Youtube Video Thoughts

In March I posted my first youtube video, a spring hair tutorial.  I must say I was quite tense and awkward in this video, but the editing isn't as bad as it could have been haha!  

I will never take this video down because it shows that you have to start somewhere. 

Amazing Opportunities 

In May I went to Beautycon in NYC and met some of my favorite beauty bloggers/vloggers, it was SO MUCH FUN!  Pictured: Niki and Gabi from nikiandgabibeauty

In July I was sent ALOT of peanut butter by my favorite peanut butter company (Peanutbutter&Co) and made a back to school breakfast ideas video. 

In September I was a part of Casper sleep's own your Bed Head Project and made a post all about battling bedhead! 

Blogging Fun 

I have wayyyyy to much fun when it comes to blogging haha!  I'm going to tell you about some of the fun and crazy things I've done when creating a blogpost! 

Do it for the Picture 

So here, I went out in the freezing a snow, in January, and my sister was throwing snow at me and simultaneously snapping pictures to make it look like I was in an actual snow storm. Yup, the struggle is real haha.  

I think I snapped at least 50 pictures before I got the perfect shot of my eye/eyeshadow.

For my Back to school lookbook my friend and I went to an actual school to film, and I almost fell off this desk, multiple times.  And it's caught in the bloopers of that video if you want a good laugh. 

Another mishap caught on camera, I spilt this Pumpkin spice smoothie all over my kitchen haha! 


While blogging/filming I take quite a few selfies... this one is from a blogpost where I was trying on multiple lipsticks.

This one was taken before me and Liv filmed the best friend tag. 

I was obsessed with how I did my hair for a Pinterest inspired blogpost!

At Beautycon I took a fun Selfie with Meg Deangelis! 

I took my favorite mirror selfie of ALL TIME before I filmed my This or That tag with Liv!

Bath & Bodyworks Gift card Giveaway
*This giveaway is NOT Sponsored*

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I LOVE to get lotions, fragrances, hand sanitizers, body scrubs, bubble bath, candles, and other AMAZING smelling things from the store Bath & Bodyworks.  So, I am giving away this $15 GIFTCARD to one of my blogreaders!  Lets get into this giveaway!! 



~The Winner will be EMAILED BY ME THE CODE on the gift card to use at so you DO NOT need to have a Bath and Bodyworks near you

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Just wanted to show you some of my fav Bath & Body works products so you know what they offer! 

Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow comfort Fragrance and shower gel.

Paris Amour Sugar Scrub, Sweet pea shower gel and fragrance, Pink chiffon and Sweet Tangerine Hand sanitizers.

Here's to One year Blogging and MANY MORE!!  Thank you all so much for the tremendous amount of love and support I have received, it means the world to me!  Don't forget to enter to win the Bath & Bodyworks Gift card! Have an amazing day!

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