Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pastels & Fresh Flowers OOTD

Spring is the time for pastels, lace, and dresses!  Today I'm sharing this delicate pastel spring OOTD along with some photography of the beautiful fresh flowers blooming all around! 

This outfit makes me so happy, its simplicity and delicacy is stunning- just white heels, a pastel dress, and a ribbon.  The A-line pastel pink dress I am wearing is from Charlotte Russe.  The lace detailing combined with it's soft color adds a delicate and feminine feel to the dress which is just lovely for the springtime!  I paired the dress with my favorite peep toe white heels from famous footwear.  They have a shined finish and I love pairing white heels with light colored dresses!  I also added a light pink ribbon to my hair to finish off the outfit!  

This little bouquet of flowers I actually picked from around my lawn and various trees, its so refreshing to see all the beautiful colors and new life during the spring!  I hope you enjoyed this spring OOTD and all the flower pictures I took, see you soon!           

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's day ♡ A note to my Mom

Happy Mother's day everyone!  I just thought I would do a little lifestyle post today.  This is a picture of my beautiful mother who actually looks a lot like me!  

On mother's day I have a tradition of making my mom a "weird" (her word for healthy and innovative) breakfast.  This year I decided to keep it simple and make her a this decorative fruit platter.  I cut cute little strawberries into hearts then added mango, blueberries, blackberries, apples and oranges to the plate.  She loved it! You can never go wrong with fruit! 

A note to my mom, 
Happy mother's day!  I gathered together a few memories from the past year or two for this collage, 8th grade graduation, apple picking, mothers day 2013, you always are up for a good time.  You cheer me on in all of my endeavors while helping me along the way.  You take care of me when I'm sick, listen to my babbling about clothing and makeup, and come to most of my tennis matches.  Although I may not say it often I appreciate you and all the things that you do.  In two years time if I chose to go to college I will miss coming home every day to watch general hospital with you and going on our huge food shopping trips stocking up on every vegetable imaginable.  I just want to say thank you for being amazing mom, I love you, Happy mothers day.

To all of my blog readers, I hope you had an amazing mother's day with your moms!  I'll see you soon with a Spring themed outfit of the day!   

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Perfume Flower Vase DIY & Spring Decor

I think that we all can agree that after a long winter it's time for a little spring cleaning, and while your at it why not add some chic spring decor?  Today I am going to show you how I made these chic/designer inspired spring decor pieces for my bedroom such as multiple perfume inspired flower vases, a jewelry platter, and more!  I also included a video from my YouTube channel if you want to follow along while I make these projects at the end of this post, enjoy!

Chanel Vase

For these first DIYs I was inspired by the beautiful designs and shapes of perfume bottles, so I decided to recreate some of my favorites and make vases out of them!    

~Rectangular vase
~Chanel label printout
~White (or any other color) flowers
~Flat and/or round glass pebbles 

~Hot glue the label to the vase
~Fill the vase with the pebbles
~Add in the flowers 

I love the classic pristine look this Chanel vase gives off, especially with the white flowers. 

Miss Dior Vase

~Square Vase
~Pink (or any color) flowers
~Miss Dior label printout 
~Flat glass pebbles 
~Pink sheer ribbon 

~Hot glue the label to the vase
~Fill the vase with the pebbles 
~Tie the ribbon around the top of the vase, glue into place
~Add the flowers to the vase

This Miss Dior vase is sooo girly, I love the pink ascents!

Daisy Dream Vase

~Tall vase 
~Off white flowers
~Daisy Dream label printout
~Blue tulle 
~Gold ribbon

~Hot glue the label to the vase
~Stuff the tulle inside the vase until it is full
~Hot glue the gold ribbon to the top of the vase
~Add the flowers into the vase 

I really love how the tulle gives the vase a soft blue tint as the perfume vile does, (I had a little sample of the perfume so I put it next to the vase haha). 

Daisy Vase 

~Small rounded vase
~Daisy label printout 
~Bright yellow/orange colored flowers
~Yellow ribbon

~Hot glue the label to the vase
~Fill the vase with the yellow ribbon until full
~Add the yellow flowers to the vase

I love how I did the little matching set of the Daisy and Daisy dream vases, and this Daisy one is so festive for the spring! 

Chanel Canvas 

To stick with the designer label theme I thought I would make this sparkling pink Chanel canvas to hang on my wall.  You could also use this DIY for any stencil shape you would like!

~Elmer's glue
~Glitter of choice
~Logo cutout (or any other picture)
~Beads (optional)

~Cut out the inside of your stencil and lay it on the canvas
~Paint sections of glue inside the stencil 
~Sprinkle glitter on top to cover the glue
~Repeat until the stencil is covered 
~Sit 3 hours to dry
~Remove the paper stencil
~Decorate with beads 

This chanel canvas is so girly and I lovvveee all the pink glitter!

Jewelry Platter

The last little girly touch I added to my room was this beautiful jewelry platter, such a fun way to store your jewelry! 

Add some decorative beads to a white platte and top it off with your favorite jewelry for this easy and chic decor peice! 

Video tutorial 

Follow along as I do the DIYs in the video above! I hope this post inspired you to DIY some decor pieces in the midst of your spring cleaning, and don't forget to share this post on Pinterest /Twitter if you love these ideas! 

Pink Double Sketch Heart