Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Fashion Photo Shoot

Hey everyone, I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday!  Right before Christmas I got together with my friend Amanda who is really into photography and film.  She shoot and filmed a holiday lookbook for me!  In this post I will include all my favorite pictures from the shoot with outfit details, plus the lookbook that she filmed!  All the outfit pieces that are still available will be linked in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite things, enjoy!

The is my favorite picture from the shoot, the little present in my hand looks so cute!  I am wearing my cream lace dress from Abercrombie with these dainty pearls from Lia sophia.  The pairing of white lace and pearls gives this look a formal vintage feel which is perfect for the holidays!  

This next look is so cute and festive, I am wearing the PERFECT kinit winter skirt from Cotton on paired with a simple black top from Target and a red ribbon in my hair for a pop of festive color!  I love the holiday pattern on the skirt, plus it is nice and warm for the winter months! 

Here's the video If you want to see the lookbook! 

If your still in the holiday spirt I just completed my #chloescozychristmas series on my youtube channel, WATCH THE PLAYLIST HERE

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Comment below which photo/outfit is your favorite, I'll be back soon with my makeup favorites of 2014!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Party Hairstyles & Makeup

Happy Christmas Eve!  If you are still looking for some ideas on how to do your makeup or style your hair for the holiday festivities in the next two days, this post has got you covered!  I am going to show you three different hairstyles and a makeup look that is perfect for a holiday party, plus a video on each. Enjoy! 


Twist Back

This first style is called the Twist Back, I really love how intricate it looks even though it is super easy!


~Take one small piece of hair from each side of your head and twist them to the back of your hair

~Secure each piece with a bobby pin and cover the bobby pins with a bow

~Take one bigger section from each side of your head, twist them back and wrap them behind your bow

~Secure the bigger twists with bobby pins to complete the look 

Half Updo

Next is this Half undo, I literally wear my hair like this 80 percent of the time, but it is fun to play with hair accessories to make this style more festive!


~Take the top half of your hair and pull it into a high ponytail 

~Secure it with a hair tie and tie it with a ribbon to complete the look  

Braided pony 

The last hairstyle is this braided pony, the braid is a nice touch to the classic ponytail!


~Pull your hair into a high ponytail

~Take a small piece of the pony tail and braid it

~Wrap the braid around the ponytail holder and pin it into place to complete the look



For the makeup I am going to show you how to achieve this holiday party makeup look that I've been wearing non stop to every holiday event this year!  I just love the cut crease gold grey eye look and matte red lip pairing!  It looks so chic with a festive dress!  


~Roc daily moisturizer  

~Moisturizer/lotion is very important to apply, 
especially in the winter

~Neutrogena Healthy skin enhancer in Light to Neutral

 ~I've been using this foundation a lot recently because it has a nice medium coverage and soothes my dry skin.

~Maybelline Fit me concealer in Sand

~I used this concealer under and around my eyes to cover any discoloration 

~Maybelline Dream Wonder powder in Nude Chair

~I used this powder for some extra coverage ONLY where I put my concealer, so that it would not stick to any dry patches on my skin

~Bronzer from the Naked Flushed palette in Streak 

~I used this bronzer to heavily contour my cheek bones, jawline, and forehead 

~Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Orchid Hush

~I love cream blushes in the winter and this one gives off the most beautiful rosy glow

~Benefit girl meets pearl 

~This is a beautiful highlight product that gives the perfect glow


~Faint from the Naked Basics palette (Pictured second to right) 

~I used this shadow to fill in my brows


~Maybelline Color Tatoo in Barely Branded 

~ I used this as an eyeshadow base from my eyelid all the way up to my brow bone

~Gold Highlight shade from the Dior Holiday 2013 palette 

~I used this beautiful gold highlight shade to add some sparkle on top of the base

~L'oreal Infallible shadow in Iced latte

~I first wet my brush so that the loose powder would stick, then gently patted this golden shadow only on the lids of my eyes

~Mugshot from the Naked 3 palette (Pictured second from left)

~I used this shimmering gold grey shadow right above my crease to give the illusion of bigger eyes, then blended it up and smudged some along my lower lash line

~Gold Highlight shade from the Dior Holiday 2013 palette 

~I went back in with this shadow and used it to highlight my brow bone


~I begun by curling my lashes to give my eyes a bigger look 

~Maybelline Falsies mascara 

~This mascara gives my lashes a long voluminous look 

~Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara

~This mascara gives my lashes a darkened full effect 


~L'oreal liner in Forever rose

~This is such a beautiful rosey red liner and a great start to a red lip  

~Nyx soft matte lip cream in San Paulo

~Such a beautiful deep, matte, red, gloss that a is perfect for the holiday season

~Maybelline matte lipstick in Lust for Blush 

~I used this deep rose lipstick on the center of my lips to give them some definition 


~Nyx matte finish spray

~I used this setting spray to set my makeup 

Completed Look 


I hope I inspired you with these Hairstyle ideas and Makeup tutorial!  Be sure to tell me below which hairstyle is your favorite, and have a very Happy Holiday!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

DIY Holiday Room Decor {A Girly Twist}

Happy Holidays everyone!  Today I thought that I would share with you how I decorated my room for the Holiday season, plus how to make some really cute DIYs I put together.  If you couldn't tell already, my style is SUPER girly so I put my own little twist on the classic holiday decor. I decided to take the pink, gold, shabby chic, girly route with all of these decorations!  Also, is a video I made corresponding with this post for you to watch! I am in love with how my room turned out and I hope you love it too!  


Girly Table top Christmas Trees 

~Hot glue

~Fake pearls

For the first tree I took different colors of ribbon and started glueing one right under the other, wrapping them around the tree in a "drooping pattern".  This way, the ribbon appeared to look like ruffles on the tree.

For the second tree I took thick ribbon, all of the same color and glued it flat onto the cone.  I proceeded to cover the cone in the ribbon so that the tree turned out pink. 

To finish off the Ruffle tree I made a bow out of tulle and glued it to the top.

For the pink tree I made 2 bows out of white ribbon and glued one to the top of the tree and one to the bottom corner.  Then I connected the bows by wrapping (and glueing) a string of fake pearls around the tree.

Here's how the ruffle tree turned out!  I really like all the pastel ribbon colors that I chose.  I placed it on my dresser along with a silver christmas tree to get a really pretty visual contrast.  Also on the dresser I added a cute cream and gold heart box, along with a handmade bowl filled with gold, cream, and pink mini ordainments!  For the finishing touch I added this mason jar snow scene that I will show you how to make!

Now the Pink Tree!  I really love the fake pearls wrapped around the tree, it gives it a girly and formal feel.  I placed the tree on my side table and placed lavender colored ascents around it, such as my Be Enchanted body butter from Bath & Bodywork and a hand made purple mug to add a cozy winter  feeling.  I also added a mini Merry Cookie candle to incorporate some holiday sprit to the side table, along with a mason jar filled with sparkling gold mini ornaments.  

Mason Jar Snow Scene 

~Mason Jar 
~Hot glue

~Fake Pearls

First I hot glued my Jaguar to my mason jar lid (on the inside).  Then I took the glitter and spread it on the inside of the mason jar to look like snow.  I screwed the lid on, flipped over the mason jar, and then decorated the lid with fake pearls and a ribbon bow to give it a girly touch. 

I really like how the snow scene turned out!  It very different then your typical holiday snow globe, less messy because there was no water involved and more delicate because of the light shimmer the glitter (snow) gives it.  I also really love the gold and cream color scheme the snow scene portrays!

Ornament Garland

~Mini or regular sized ornaments 

For this Ornament garland all I did was string my ornaments onto this pretty pink ribbon and tied each one in palace.  When I finished, I tied a bow at each end of the ribbon.

I hung my pink and gold garland on my wall with some lights, tinsel and my purple and silver garland on my headboard.  I really love how this project is so personalized and easy to make, also it turned out more beautiful then any store bought garland I have ever seen.

Christmas Card Display 

~Elmer's Glue
~Decorative clothes pins
~Decorative Paper


For the Christmas Card Display I first glued two pieces of Ribbon across the frame to hang the Christmas Cards.  Then I cut to size the paper that I was going to use as the background for the display.

I put the paper in the frame, removed the glass, and taped the back on.  Then, to decorate the clothes pins I dipped them in glue and then silver glitter.

I love how the Card display is so festive and Winter Themed!  I hung it above my shelf where I displayed all of my winter Bath & Body Works Products along with this WINTER SHADOWBOX that I made last year, CLICK TO READ that post!  Also under the shelf I placed this "Tis the Season" Snowflake Wallflower from Bath & Body Works to make my room smell amazing!  I think this little corner of my room is so pretty with all the winter themed items! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, tell me which DIY/ Decoration idea is your favorite! Happy Decorating!

Pink Double Sketch Heart