Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to school style

Hey guys! So today I am going to show you two different styled outfit ideas for the Back to school season!! But, for even MORE OUTFIT INSPIRATION I MADE TWO VIDEOS with my friend Izzy showing you EIGHT OUTFITS IN ALL each with their own style just as these two outfits on the blog.  So I hope you enjoy this post and it helps you when looking for back to school clothing! THE TWO VIDEOS ARE BELOW!

My video "Back to school outfits & styles"
Ft. The two outfits in this post and two from Izzy also 

Izzy's video "Back to school outfit ideas"
With two more outfits of mine not on the blog and two more from Izzy also

The Outfits 


This first outfit is influenced loosely by a preppy style, mainly because of the classic black and white color scheme. I really love this outfit because  it is a little more dressed up for school without overdoing it.  The focal point of this outfit is the black skirt from Brandy Melville with the cutest tiny white floral print on it. This skirt is perfect for twirling around in (cause it's a bit long for me and I have to pull it up) and is SUPER comfortable. I paired it with my solid white crop top from Abercrombie to give the skirt it's spotlight, and for shoes I chose my lace black flats with a ribbon from Famous Footwear to add a cute detail to the outfit.  Most likely this preppy styled outfit will be what I wear for the first day of school. 


This second outfit has a girly and comfy style, and is inspired a bit by Ariana Grande.  I am IN LOVE with the light pink oversized sweater I am wearing from the Bethany Moda line at Aeropostale!  It literally feels like I am wearing a fuzzy blanket, and it's pink, what could be better?!  I decided to take inspiration from Ariana's style because I am in love with it and paired this sweater with short, jean, white, shorts from Hollister, so that it looks like my sweater is a dress.  This is a trend that I will probably wear a bunch this fall!  For accessories I wore this cream colored bow from claire's in my hair because it looks so cute and girly, and I wore my nude flats from Payless because they are my favorite.  This outfit is super girly, comfy, and perfect for between seasons.    

I hope you got some inspiration for your back to school style from this blogpost and those two videos!  The items from these two outfits that are still available will be in Chloe's These are a few of my Favorite things if you want to take a look!  Until next time, enjoy your first day of School/Work/Anything 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

✄DIY School Supplies❤

So it's that time of the year again, back to school.  While it is sad that the summer is over, back to school season is a good excuse to reorganize and redecorate. Today I am going to show you how to redecorate your school supplies for the new school year! So if you are dragging your feet while going school supplies shopping, this should get you excited to DIY all your school supplies!  Also, along with this post, there is a video I made showing you more in depth of how to make the supplies, including a back to school GIVEAWAY! So you can check out that video and the giveaway below!


Ribbon Notebook

~Multi colored ribbon 



~Cut the ribbon into different sized strips 

~Tie one ribbon strip per spiral onto the notebook

~Keep going until finished, you can also tie bows instead of plain knots 

Notepad Binder 



~Hot glue gun


~Hot Glue the notepad onto binder, simple enough

Chalkboard Binder 

~Chalkboard paper


~Scrapbook paper


~Washy tape (optional)

~Draw shapes on the chalkboard paper with a pencil

~Cut out the shapes that you traced and glue them onto the scrapbook paper

~Decorate more of the Scrapbook paper with the washy tape

~Write on the chalkboard paper with your chalk

~Slip the scrapbook paper into the front part of the binder, and your done 

Glitter Pencils 

~Lose glitter


~Hot glue gun 

~Put hot glue on wherever you want your glitter on the pencil

~Sprinkle the glitter on the hot glue 

~Let it dry and then the pencil is ready to use

Button Dividers/Bookmarks/Paperclips



~Hot glue gun

~Put hot glue on the bottom half of a button

~Stick a paperclip on it and your done

~You can also hot glue variations of buttons together for other designs 

I hope you got some inspiration to jazz up your school supplies with these DIYs just as I did!  If you recreate any just tweet me @beautyybychloe I would love to see!  Also, if you would like to win everything in the picture above just ENTER my GIVEAWAY on my channel HERE Good Luck! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New & Reviewed: Naked Flushed in Streak, John Frieda Hair Dryer + More

Hey Everyone! Today I thought I would try out a new type of post called New and Reviewed!  So, I have four products that I got brand new in the beginning of July and I am going to write a mini review on each of them!

Nyx Butter Gloss 
Shade 02 Eclair 

This is obviously not a new product on the market and I'm sure you have read tons of reviews on it already, but I have JUST picked it up!  Wow, I wish I bought this earlier!  The gloss glides right on like butter haha, and the color last for a while.  This is a great lip product to just throw in your bag when you head out the door!


The Shade  02 Eclair is a beautiful baby pink with a touch of mauve and a glossy finish.  This is a really nice every day shade, but I would recommend wearing it without lipstick
because it is a bit thick, but not sticky, just smooth. 

Rating: 10/10 

No complaints whatsoever, a lovely, moisturizing, shiny, gloss with a beautiful color. This idem will be in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things if you want to check it out!

Mahogany Teakwood
Bath & Body Works Wallflower

The next thing I am reviewing is a Bath & Body works wallflower, this one is in the scent Mahogany Teakwood.  What you do with these is plug them into a little machine then into an outlet, so that the room  smells like the scent you pick.  These are a great alternative to a candle because there is no fire hazard and it fills the whole room with a scent just like a candle does!  But I have to say, this particular scent (Mahogany Teakwood) is too overpowering for me,  if I leave it in too long I develop a headache, which doesn't happen with some other scents I have tried.  I does smell good, almost like a musk, fresh scent but it can be overpowering after 15 minutes.  I love the product, just not this particular scent. 


Product- 8/10 

Very nice idea and I use it all the time instead of candles, but some scents need work.  The machine will be linked in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things 

Scent- 3/10

Nice musk/fresh smell, but is way too overpowering for a room in a long period of time and there are many better scents to choose from. 

Naked Flushed Palette 
Version: Streak 

I picked up this palette because I am OBSESSED with bronzer and love a good blush!  I looked at all of the Naked Flushed palette versions for the perfect one for me, and Streak is it! 

The bronzer is a beautiful light brown with a golden sheen, and no glitter in it, yay!  It's perfect for warming  up my face and giving it a healthy glow, and there is no orange tones at all, double yay!  The blush is a really pretty matte, peachy/coral pink and is really nice for the spring/summer, but I have to be careful because it is super pigmented!  The highlight is gorgeous!  The camera doesn't pick it up well, it is not white at all, it is a light pink and gold toned shade.  The highlight also has no glitter, just a pretty sheen.        


Bronzer- 10/10 

I love this bronzer, it warms up my face beautifully with no orange!

Blush- 8/10 

Lovely pink/peach shade, but at times it has a bit to much pigment.

Highlight- 10/10 

Probably my favorite highlight in my collection, I love the gold and pink tones and the beautiful glow it gives my face! 

This palette will be listed in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things because it will surely become a favorite of yours if you try it!    

John Frieda Hair Dryer 
Jf1 Full Volume 

I had been needing a new hairdryer for a while now, so I picked up this one at Target!  It is called the John Frieda Full Volume Hairdryer.  My favorite features are the high voltage motor for quicker dry time and the ceramic coating on the outlet grill so it is not the worst for your hair.  It has the Hot Warm and Cool switch along with with the High Low and Off switch.  Plus, it comes with three attachments that snap right on for different styling uses.  I love how much power it gives and my hair is ALOT smoother and healthy feeling than before, with my Revlon hair dryer.  My only complaint about this hair drier is that the heat is not as high as I would like it, but I guess that is for the protection of my hair.  

Rating: 8/10

I love the high voltage of this hairdryer, but I wish it gave off more heat than it does. 

Thats all for my New and Reviewed today!  I hope you liked reading about some new products I have tried lately, be sure to tell me if you have/want to try any of them also! 


Pink Double Sketch Heart