Monday, January 13, 2014

Style in the Snow; How to keep warm and look great

Snow is cold and wet, but that doesn't mean that you have to abandon wearing something you like.  It just means you have to find cold weather wear that you love! Today I am going to show you how I stay warm and in style while out in the snow.   

To start you need a warm, waterproof, winter coat that also has some shape to it. The coat that I am wearing is the Sherpa lined Cami Parka from Abercrombie kids, (All the clothing pictured that is still available will be linked below).  My coat has all the qualities of a good winter coat. 

 First, it is lined with the softest fur to keep me warm, which is important in 10 degree weather.  Second, it cinches in at the waist with a belt to tie and achieve a nice shape so that the coat is not overwhelmingly puffy.  Third, the outside of the coat is made of a waterproof easy to wash material, which is important.  This reason being that if it happens to get some snow on it, it will be easy to wash and not become ruined.  Last, by personal preference, the color of the coat is white, which is my favorite color for winter coats because it is going to be worn with many different outfits and the color white compliments almost every color it is paired with.  When buying a winter coat I look for all the qualities I described above.

Another crucial piece to wear in the snow is a warm scarf. The scarf that I am wearing is a pastel pink knit infinity scarf from Claire's.  I especially like infinity scarves because they don't dangle out of the bottom of your jacket and more of the scarf can be shown when wearing your jacket because it covers more of your neckline then regular scarves. I like that  the scarf is pastel pink because it gives the outfit a pop of color and adds a warm winter look when worn with a winter coat.

You can't walk in the snow without boots!  In the snow you need to wear boots that are warm and not made of a material where water can be absorbed or leave stains.  The boots that I am wearing are the Women's Uggs Classic Cardy in black.  This specific style of Uggs are made of a cotton material so water dries just as it would on a shirt or a pair of jeans, which means that it is not a big deal if they get wet.  On the inside the boots are fur lined to keep your feet warm, and on the outside the knit material adds a cozy look to the outfit.

When in the snow jeans are the best choice of pants because they are warm, thick, and water does not stain them. So, you can wear your favorite jeans worry free!  They are much warmer and thicker then sweatpants or leggings, easy to wash, and make the outfit look pulled together.  The jeans that I am wearing are light wash jeans from Abercrombie kids.  

Those are my tips on how to dress your best in cold weather wear.   Now, the next time you venture out into the snow it will be in style!  Until next time, stay warm! 


Sherpa lined Cami Parka from Abercrombie kids:

Pastel pink knit infinity scarf from Claire's:

Women's Uggs Classic Cardy in black:

Light wash jeans from Abercrombie kids:

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