Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Autumn Girly/Shabby Chic DIY Decor

As you all may know by now I love decorating for the different seasons, so today I'm going to show you decorations I DIYed for this Autumn!  All these DIYs are super easy and have a girly twist, because....well...I love everything girly!  St the end are also two videos I made that go along with this blogpost if your interested. So, lets get crafting!

Glass Pumpkin 


~Tiny glass Bowl 

~Tool or ribbon (Pumpkin color of your choice)

~Ball Christmas Ornament (Pumpkin stem color of your choice)

~Hot glue


~Fill Bowl (Pumpkin) with tool or ribbon 

~Turn bowl upside down

~Remove metal part from the christmas ornament so it lays flat

~Hot glue christmas ornament to the flat side of the pumpkin (facing up) 

I chose to make my glass pumpkin white to match the theme of my room.  This Glass pumpkin is a chic twist on the classic orange pumpkin and is super easy to create using things you probably have laying around your house!

Glitter Pumpkin 



~Glitter (Autumn Colors) 



~Add spots of glue onto your pumpkin in a desired design

~Pour glitter mix onto where the glue is 

~Let dry

This glitter pumpkin is so adorable & girly (I lovvvee glitter)! I made poke dots on my pumpkin but you can also make stripes or any other design.

Ribbon Pumpkin



~Ribbon of your choice


~Tie your ribbon to the stem of your pumpkin

~Sit back and be happy because this DIY took you less than a minute to do 

This ribbon pumpkin is the simplest way to decorate your pumpkin, super cute and very customizable.  You can use all sorts of ribbon too! 

Glitter Leaf Garland


~Glitter (I chose Gold)


~Fake leaves 

~Ribbon (I chose baby pink)

~Hot Glue 


~Paint all or some  of your leaves completely with glue 

~Cover glued leaves in glitter 

~Let dry

~Create a pattern with glitter and non glitter leaves 

~Hot glue each leaf to a strip of ribbon

~Hot glue each ribbon to a long strip of ribbon following  your leaf pattern 

This leaf garland is the perfect girly autumn decoration.  The gold sparkle leaves are so beautiful!  The sparkles paired with the pink ribbon fits perfectly into the theme of my room, adding a shabby chic autumn touch for the season.

Lace vase 



~Lace/lace ribbon

~Hot glue 

~Autumn arrangement of flowers 


~Hot glue lace/ribbon to the vase

~Add your flower arrangement into the vase

This lace vase is such an adorable shabby chic decor piece!  I used an arrangement of pink and off white flowers creating a vintage autumn vibe to add to my room.


Autumn / Fall DIY Girly Room Decor & Inspiration 

Fall Activities: DIY Hair Tutorial Recipe

I hope this post inspired you to add girly/vintage/shabby chic/ DIY autumn touches to your bedroom/home.  Comment the ideas you are most likely to try.  
See you soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Designer Fashion Inspiration for A/W #FFAWDressup

Style up your Designer Dress for AW

A/W Fashion Inspiration

As the Autumn and Winter seasons approach I find my self switching up my wardrobe.  It's time for stockings, cardigans, coats, boots, sweaters, and layers upon layers of clothing.  To get inspiration for my wardrobe I find myself looking through high end fashion magazines and websites, pulling inspiration from big name designers.  Today I am sharing a look that I put together using all designer clothing for inspiration.  

As you may already know based on my blog, I basically live in dresses and that goes for the cold seasons as well.  Through this post I am showing you how I would style a designer dress from using other pieces from the website the Autumn and Winter seasons!

 The Dress 

This short sleeved pink knit dress by Giambattista Valli is what I chose as the focal point of my outfit. Knit wear is perfect for the A/W seasons keeping you warm and  stylish at the same time.  The warm pastel pink shade gives this dress a feminine appearance.  I adore the classic A-line cut and the pleating in the skirt giving the dress a polished look. This dress is seasonally appropriate because of the knit fabric.  The feminine and polished elements make this dress a perfect focal point of the outfit.


Since the Autumn and Winter seasons are quite cold layering is a must for this outfit.  I started by choosing a warm jacket to wear over this dress that added interest to the outfit.  I went with this FAUX fur jacket by Comme Des Garcons.  The faux fur adds texture and visual interest to the plain dress as well as providing warmth for the cold seasons.  The black color also keeps the faux fur jacket subtle so your eyes will go straight to the pastel dress peaking through.  

Of course I then added a pair of tights, these are by Rick Owens and have a knit/ribbed texture to them.  They add another subtle texture to the outfit while keeping your legs warm.  

Then for shoes I decided to go with these adorable black booties by Stella McCartney.  I love the soft textured design on the booties as well as the little heel.  These shoes add a playful, but still fashionable element to the outfit, and let face it black booties are an essential to any A/W outfit. 


For accessories I began by adding this quilted heart shaped bag by Stella McCartney.  The Heart shape is adorable and fun but stays chic with its black color. 

 I then added lots of pearls, they are my favorite form of jewelry and add a classic and feminine touch to every outfit. I chose this double strand pearl necklace by Stella McCartney as well as a pearl & gold ear cuff by Delfina Delettrez.  The ear cuff is a trendy piece to add to the outfit and matched with the double strand of pearls creating the perfect jewelry set for this look. 


This outfit is classic and feminine due to it's neutral/soft colors,  polished cuts, and timeless design elements.  The look also demonstrates a fun and fashion forward look through mixing various textures and patterns while still achieving a stylized ensemble.  This outfit is the perfect inspiration for my Autumn/Fall wardrobe.  I will be pulling elements from this look to include in my outfits such as the simple color palette paired with interesting textures and patterns.

I hope you enjoyed reading on how I styled my designer dress from for the Autumn/Winter season.  Be sure to browse throughout their website to see more fashionable pieces for the upcoming A/W seasons. Also use the hashtag #FFAWDressup to see how other bloggers styled their designer dresses!  See you in my next post.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn Wedding Makeup & Hair

In early September I attended an autumn wedding!  So, today I am sharing how I did my makeup and hair for the occasion because I love how this look turned out!  My makeup look was a "glam" version of a brown smokey eye with neutral lips. And for my hairstyle, I wore a beautiful twist back with my signature curls.  Read more to see all the makeup products I used and a step by step tutorial for my hair.  


For my makeup I went for a brown smokey eye with lots of shimmer and highlights, as well as contoured / highlighted face, and glossy nude lips for a glowing look with a touch of glam.  I believe my makeup compliments the simplicity of the dress I chose and brings attention to my eyes.


Starting off with foundation I decided to mix my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation with my Bare minerals Bareskin foundation.  This is because the tarte foundation gave me the coverage that I wanted and the Bare minerals foundation gave me the color I was looking for.  The Bare minerals foundation also lightened the consistency of the foundation making for an easier application / wear.

Onto concealer I went for the Tarte maracuja creaseless concealer which is full coverage, brightened up my under eye area, and stayed on all night. 

To set my concealer I used this Milani powder foundation which I love because of it's smooth texture and matte finish.

To contour my face I used my Physician's formula New York City bronzer, isn't the little city design adorable?

To add a bit of color to my face I applied my No7 blush in soft damson, a pretty pale pink shade.

To highlight my face and achieve this beautiful pink/champagne glow I used my Physician's formula natural nude highlighter.  I just swirl my brush into this palette to get the perfect highlight shade!

For my brows I took Faint from my Naked basics palette and filled in my eyebrows with a light hand.


To begin my eyeshadow look I applied the Lorac behind the scenes eye primer all over my eyelids to make sure my eye shadow would pop/stay in place all night.

For my base eye shadow color I used Push-up, a warm brown/gold shimmer shade from the Too faced Natural eyes palette.

For my crease color I used Mugshot, a grey toned gold/brown shimmer shade from the Naked 3 palette.  I also blended Mugshot a bit into the outer half of my eyelid. 

I then went back to the Natural eyes palette and used Erotica, a warm brown shadow with gold specks in the outer corner of my eyelid.

To brighten up my eyes I then took Venus, a shimmering white shade from the Naked basics palette and placed that on the center of my eyelid and in my inner corner.  And to finish off with eyeshadow I took WOS, a matte peach/white shadow and applied it underneath my eyebrow. 

For eyeliner I used my NYX liquid black liner to draw a thin line with a small wing on my lash line.

For mascara I used a couple coats of the Too faced better than sex mascara.  This mascara is my absolute favorite because it makes my lashes so long, dark, and full!  Then to waterproof my mascara I used a coat of Le Chick Flick by NYX.  This way my mascara does not smudge while I'm dancing. 


For the lips I used my favorite lipstick at the moment, Nude Beach by Too faced.  This is the perfect pinky nude and is the a beautiful finishing touch to the makeup look!


For my hair I absolutely had to go with curls, but I wanted to add a little "twist" haha!  So, after I curled the bottom half of my hair I took the top half and twisted back each side, then pinned in place.  This hairstyle is simple yet elegant, the twist also adds visual interest to the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this makeup look / hairstyle for an autumn wedding.  I promise I will try my best to post as often as possible!  Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as well  to stay up to date with all my videos.  See you soon!

Pink Double Sketch Heart