Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer room decor DIYs

Hey everyone! I hope your feeling a bit artsy today, because I am going to show you 4 different Beach themed DIYs to decorate your room for the last month of summer! The projects are; a Mini and Big Beach in a Bowl, a Sunglasses Display, and a Clothing pin picture Frame.  There is a video tutorial that I made down below to help you all out while making the projects, so be sure to watch it!  Each of these projects are sitting in my room as of now, adding that summer mood to it. I love each of these DIYs and created them all by myself, I hope you will have just as fun making these just as I did! If you do complete any of these DIYs be sure to send me a picture on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest @Beautyybychloe So, lets Get Started! 

Video Tutorial 

Mini & Big Beach in a Bowl

The first two projects are a Mini and Big Beach in a Bowl.  They are two little beaches for your room, and look beautiful on any table top!


~ Ocean colored mixed glass stones

~ Sand colored mixed glass stones 

~ Sand

~ Big see through glass bowl

~ Mini see through glass bowl

~ Sea shells

~ Small stones

~  3 Electric candles 

To begin, fill half of each bowl with the ocean colored glass stones to make the ocean of course! 

Next, mix the sand colored glass stones in with the sand to add texture to the sand.

Then, pour the mixture into the other half of each bowl for the seashore.  

To decorate the shore place some decorative stones and seashells on it.  Now the Mini Beach in a Bowl is complete!

The last step for the Big Beach in a Bowl is to place the 3 electric candles in between the ocean and shore.  When lit up the bowl will glow beautifully! 

Sunglasses Display & Clothes pin Frame 

These next 2 DIYs; the Sunglasses Display and Clothes pin picture Frame are both cute and functional!  The Sunglasses Display is an easy way to store all of your sunglasses and show them off in your room!  The Clothes pin picture Frame is new way to display all your pictures rather than the boring traditional frame! 


~ 2 Frames with the inside poked out

~Ribbon (Beach themed)

~ Seashells

~Clothes pins 

~ A hot glue gun 

This first step is the same for both projects.  Turn the frame over and hot glue to the back top, a handle with the ribbon so that the frame can hang on the wall. Then, across the top corners hot glue another piece of ribbon to hang the sunglasses or the pictures.

To finish the Clothes pin picture Frame put some cute clothes pins where ever you are going to hang your pictures.

For the Sunglasses display you want to add little decoration, so hot glue some seashells around the frame and your finished!

I hope you enjoyed these Summer DIYs I showed you all!  Be sure to send me pictures if you recreate any of them @Beautyybychloe See you next time!  



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  2. These are some really cute and creative diys! Perfect for a summery feel :) Mckenzie xx

  3. Thanks so much :D I love you both!!

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