Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Sweater three Outfits, Styling the same piece different ways!

Every one has that favorite shirt or sweater of theres that they want to wear over and over again, and if you do you end up wearing the same outfit once a week.  Well, I am going to solve that dilemma by showing you how you can wear one piece over and over again, but changing the outfit completely! In this post I am going to show you three completely different ways I style a favorite sweater of mine from American Eagle, while also giving  you some tips on how you can do this with your clothes too! 

Outfit #1 
Comfy Chic

The first outfit is "Comfy Chic"- Comfortable because of the leggings and soft sweater. -Chic because of the loads of jewelry I put on to make the outfit dressed up.  For my bottoms I wore plain black leggings from Forever 21, comfortable, and looks good with about any sweater such as this one.  My shoes are bow backed black Uggs which are comfortable and look really nice because of the bows in the back.

 All the Jewelry I wore with this look is gold, giving the outfit a uniformed classic look.  My pretty gold heart earrings are from Aeropostale, and the necklace I am wearing is a northern star necklace I got as a gift. I really like this necklace's  simplicity to dazzle, small but stunning.  Then, to add on even more jewelry I am wearing some of my gold, sparkling  alex and ani bracelets.  The layered bracelet look is one that I really enjoy, it gives the outfit a chic look, and I can't ever pick just one bracelet to wear.

Outfit #2 
Casually Cute 

This second outfit is "Casually Cute".  The dark wash jeans paired with the oversized sweater create a cute and casual look that can be worn just about any where.  I chose my dark wash Hollister jeans to wear with the sweater this time. I really like how the whine color of the sweater look with the dark wash jeans.  

  To change up this look from the first one I took a different approach with the jewelry, not as much, and more brass and gold tones. I am wearing my brass colored butterfly earrings from Aeropostale, which adds to the cuteness of the outfit and the pretty color tones that are going on.  I also wore my more brass/gold looking alex and ani bracelets to again add to the pretty color scheme.  The last way I changed up this outfit is that I styled my hair in lose flowing curls while in the first outfit I had sleek straight hair.

Outfit #3 
Simply Sweet 

This last outfit is "Simply Sweet".  What I did for this outfit is I took one of my favorite neutral colored floral dresses and wore the sweater over it, very simple but creates a sweet, feminine  look that is a bit more dressed up then the other outfits.  The dress that I am wearing is from love culture.  I love the floral pattern, very pretty for spring creating and creates a feminine look.  What I also like about this outfit  is that the floral print of the dress is not over powering the outfit because of the worn sweater on top of it.

For the jewelry in this look I followed the theme of the outfit; sweet and simple.  I wore a pair of thrifted vintage heart earrings.  I absolutely adore this pair of earrings with the brass colors, the heart shape, and the roses painted in the center of the heart.  They are just perfect for the outfit!  Sweet with neutral colors, and the flowers painted the earrings even match the flowers on the dress.  For the hair, I created a loosely curled elegant low side ponytail which added to the sweetness of the look. 

Those are the three different outfits I came up with using the same sweater, all three of them having a totally different look and vibe.  I just added different accessories, styled my hair different, and wore different articles of clothing each time  to create different looks while using one of my favorite sweaters in each outfit.  Following those tips you can do the same with any peice in your closet!  Leave a comment down below telling me which outfit I created was your favorite! Also, the link to this American Eagle sweater is now up in a new section of my blog titled "Chloe's These are a few of my favorite things" on the top tabs so go check it out!  I hope you were inspired by this post and enjoyed reading it!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LIfestyle: How I Study, Organize, and Prepare for school at home

Today I am going to do a lifestyle post since I haven't done one in a while. This post is going to be all about how I organize, study, and prepare for school at home.  I will tell you how I make sure all my school work is organized, some things that help me stay on task while studying, and how I set up my room so it is as easy as possible for me to get ready for school in the morning.  All these tips that I am going to tell you work very well for me, and make studying, organizing, and preparing for school in the morning much easier!


The first thing you want to do before studying, or starting homework is to find a study space where you can really concentrate.  You want comfort, no distractions, and relaxation.  My ideal study space is on my bed in my bedroom. In my room I am free of distractions;  I don't have a TV in my room, my computer is in the other room, and my door is shut.  This way all object and noise distractions are out of the way and I can really concentrate on what I am studying.  

Comfort in a study area is important  because you might be there for a while.  So, this is why I chose my bed; nice, soft, and cozy.  Another idea for a comfortable study space is if you have a carpeted room  you can put a bunch of pillows on your floor and study there. Both of these ideas are way more comfortable then a desk with a chair that can hurt your back.  It is important to be relaxed while studying so that your mind is clear, calm, and ready to take in all the information. 

Even though I don't like to work at a desk while studying I still want to have neat handwriting on all my papers, so the lap desk pictured above is essential for me to use while doing homework.  The top part, where you put your papers is a flat hard surface, but the bottom, where you are leaning  is soft like a pillow.  They make them in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Kmart, mostly anywhere else that sells school supplies.

Now while studying, especially late into the night sometimes I tend to doze off.  Well, what I do to solve this problem is I keep a large cup with ice water in it right next to me and drink it when I start to feel tired.  The coldness of the water keeps me wide awake and hydrated, which makes for a better functioning mind.  Another good thing about having ice water while studying is that it encourages me to drink more water daily, when otherwise I might have forgot to.


The first, and most important thing that I carry with me from school to home keeps me organized and on top of all my assignments.  This is my planner.  I take it to every class and write down every assignment and when it is due in it.  This way I know what binders and textbooks to take home, I know what assignments I have to do for homework, and I can keep track of projects and their due dates.

The planner I purchased has tabs for every month and within the section of every month the days are separated by boxes.  This organized structure makes it easier for me to use on a daily basis.  I would recommend a planner to anyone who has to keep up with many assignments.  I know this planner definitely helps me out a lot!

Another way I stay organized is after I am done with my homework I make sure to always put all of my books back into my backpack.  This is definitely helpful because this way I never forget binders, textbooks, or homework assignments at my house.

Having a backpack is  beneficial to me, all my books that I need at home are in one place, and when I walk home from the bus all of my materials are much easier to carry.  If I didn't have a backpack I would be stumbling home, dropping assignments all over the place, increasing the chance of losing materials and assignments wherever I go.  Backpacks are a must have for students who have to carry lots of books and binders from school to home daily.


School mornings can be hectic while trying to get ready, as a result I set up my room so that it is as easy as possible for me to get ready in the morning.  I have a little corner of my room where I  do my makeup and hair so that  I am not moving back and forth all over my room constantly.  

Since I do both my hair and makeup at my vanity, to save time, the night before I set out all the products I know I am going to use the next morning.  This way in the morning I know exactly where everything is.

Next to my Vanity I have a shelf with three levels holding things I may need while getting ready.


On the top shelf in the basket I keep all my hair ties, bobby pins, and other hair accessories I may need while getting ready.

On the second shelf I keep all of my in season  body butters, perfumes, body sprays, and lotions.  It makes it easier for me to pick out a scent in the morning if it is right next to me. Also, since I only keep out in season scents out I won't have to sort  through an insane amount of them to find the one I want to wear.

On the bottom shelf I have a bunch of really cute storage boxes where I keep extra products such as powder, for the off chance I run out and I am pressed for time.  This way if I need a new idem real quick its right there for me to grab and go.

Another thing that saves time in the morning is that I lay out my outfit, jewelry, and shoes the night before.  This way I know what to wear and where it is, so there is not a crisis where I don't know what to wear, or where I misplaced a piece of jewelry I planned on wearing. 

Those are all my tips on how I study, organize, and prepare for school at home.  All these little things I do help make studying, staying organized, and getting ready in the morning easier for me and can for you too!  I hope everyone enjoyed this post and picked up some tips that will make their school life or just life in general, easier.  Thank you for reading this post and make sure to leave comments down below on what you think!   


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's day Hair, Makeup & Outfit

Today I am going to show you how I created this Valentine's day look that has a soft, pretty, romantic feel to it.  I am going to first show step by step how I did my makeup.  Then, explain how I achieved the loose french side braid in my hair.  Last, I am going to explain what I put together to make up the outfit.  Lets get started!

For the makeup I started by applying my Roc Daily moisturizer.  (All products mentioned that are available will be linked at the bottom).

Then I put on the Neutrogena skin clearing liquid makeup in shade 60, Natural beige.

After that I used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the color 20, Sand under my eyes. 

  I used the Neutrogena shine control powder in color 10, Invisible to set all the makeup.


To warm up my face I applied my Milani illuminating face powder in the shade 02 Hermosa Rose.

Then I filled in my brows with the Maybelline brow pencil in the color deep brown.

Then, I put Maybelline's color tattoo, which is a cream eyeshadow in shade 70, Barely branded all over my eyelids.

For the powder eye shadow I started by putting the left color in the L'oreal Hip studio Secrets crystal eyeshadow duo in the color 819 Precious all over my lid and a little in the crease.


The next colors I used were from the Urban decay Naked 3 palette.  First I used the color Strange to brighten the inner corners of my eyes. 


Next I used the color Buzz in the crease of my eyes, (The color on the left).  Afterwords I used the color Burnout (The color on the right), right under the crease and on the outer half of my eye and blended. 


To finish up the eyes I applied the Covergirl clump crusher extensions mascara.

Here's what the eyes look like when they are finished.

We're not done yet for the makeup! For my lipstick I used the Maybelline color sensational lipstick in the color 705 Twinkle.

Then for a gloss I used the Maybelline color sensational lipgloss in the color 20 Glisten up.

Now the makeup is complete!

This makeup look is very feminine and sweet with the hints of pink and gold in the eye shadow, the soft pale pink lips, and long lashes.  Perfect for a Valentine's day date.

For my hair I started off with a Macadamia oil and ran it through my hair to smooth it out.

Then I teased my hair a little bit at the crown with the Aussie you can shine hairspray for some volume. 

For the hairstyle I started braiding like a regular french braid except going in the direction to one side of my head.

I then pulled the braid all the way over my shoulder and finished it off like a regular side braid.


To give the hairstyle a finishing touch I added a cream bow I got from Claire's in the back.


This hairstyle is a pretty, girly, twist on the traditional french braid, and the bow in the back completes the hairstyle perfectly. 

Now onto the outfit! I absolutely love my pale pink peplum that I got from Charlotte Russe. It gives the outfit that Valentine's Day feel because of the pretty color. The knit cream colored sweater I put over the shirt to keep warm is from Hollister.  It gives the outfit a sweet carefree feel because it is a bit oversized and flows so nicely.  My light wash jeggings are from Hollister, lately I have been in love with light wash jeans! 

This silver heart neckless is from Lia Sophia.  It is perfect for Valentine's day with the whole hearts theme!  Lastly, my gold flats are from payless.  These shoes are much more comfortable then heels, and give the outfit the glittering touch it needs.

I hope that you enjoyed the Valentine's Day Hair, Makeup, and Outfit idea. I had so much fun creating this look!  Comment below what you are going to wear/wore this Valentines day, and have a Happy Valentines day!  

Neutrogena skin clearing liquid makeup in shade 60, Natural beige

Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the color 20, Sand

Neutrogena shine control powder in color 10, Invisible

Maybelline brow pencil in the color deep brown

Urban decay Naked 3 palette

Roc Daily moisturizer

Milani illuminating face powder in the shade 02 Hermosa Rose

Maybelline's color tattoo in shade 70, Barely branded

L'oreal Hip studio Secrets crystal eyeshadow duo

Covergirl clump crusher extensions mascara

 Maybelline color sensational lipstick in the color 705 Twinkle

Maybelline color sensational lipgloss in the color 20 Glisten up

Aussie you can shine hairspray

Gold flats

Hollister light wash jeggings 

Pink Double Sketch Heart