Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pinterest Wednesday~ Prom Hair

Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first post of my new series, Pinterest Wednesday!  Now, on most Wednesdays I will be posting a Youtube video and blogpost for all of you inspired by things I see on Pinterest, because I spend wayyy to much time on that website!  So be expecting Pinterest inspired Outfits, DIYs, Tutorials, and more on Pinterest Wednesdays!

Since it's Prom season, I decided to show you all a Prom hair idea, inspired by this pin right  below that I pinned onto my "Pretty hair" board.  In this youtube video I show you a tutorial on how to recreate this big, curly, beautiful hairstyle, and in this blogpost I talk a little more about the look! Enjoy! 

Right here is my "Pinsperation" as one may say, for this look.  I chose this pin because I fell in love with all the volume in this girls hair, along with her beautiful peacy curls, and romantic swept bands.  To me this is a perfect Prom hairstyle because it makes a statement, and achieves a gorgeous jaw dropping effect when worn with a beautiful formal dress, just like in the pin.

Now, here is the video Tutorial, where I show you step by step how to recreate this gorgeous Prom hairstyle! 

As you just saw, this hairstyle does not take a lot of skill.  It's just teasing, curling, and styling with hairspray.  You just need some time and patience and you are sure to succeed!

 Quick tips to use while creating this look 

~ TEASE, TEASE, TEASE: The more sections you tease the bigger your hair will get.

~Curl small sections: This way your hair will become bouncy and have lots of body. 

~Make sure to hold your curls for only AT THE LONGEST 40 seconds: With all the hair spray in your hair you don't want burnt curls! 

~ Use ALOT of hairspray: Spray your hair after every curl and every section teased so that the look will stay all day/night. 

~Be sure to comb through and/or shake out your hair after you finish curling and teasing: This way your curls will turn out long and loose and not look crazy curly!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and now will be able to recreate this big, curly, beautiful, Pinterest inspired Prom hairstyle!  Be sure to follow my Pinterest: Beautyybychloe and the "Pinterest Wednesday" board to see what Pins I may post and do a video on next!  Also, I will be at Beautycon NYC on May 24th so let me know if you are going too!  


  1. This looks so pretty..your video tutorial was great!

  2. Your're so pretty!)

  3. Your an angel! Your hair and outfit is just gorg xxxxxxxxx

  4. You look so adorable Chloe! Love your youtube videos and your blog pics! :)
    Hope you're having a gorgeous Monday!xx
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  5. Your hair is so cute! :)

    Stop by sometime :)

    AJ |

  6. you look so cute!

    from helen at

    ps. take a peek at my £250+ beauty giveaway, if you fancy! click here.

  7. Thank you Kelly! My monday is going pretty well, :)

  8. Thank you Helen, and I'll be sure to take a look!

  9. Cute cute! I love the looks and the inspiration. You are so young, and so talented! I can just tell you have a bright future ahead of you :) sorry if that's cheesy, I'm only in my 20's but I just wanted to tell you!
    xo, Haylee

  10. Awwe no Its not cheesy at all, you are so sweet :) and I am so happy you took the time to read and comment on my post!


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