Saturday, March 11, 2017

Exploring NYC Art Fashion & Photos

Welcome back to my blog!  Today I'm sharing photos from my day in the city during New York fashion week.  My friend Amanda and I made the trip to see a fashion show done by Yuna Yang and I wrote all about the show in a previous post - Attending Yuna Yang F/W 17 Fashion show.  

This post contains all the other pictures we took that day; wandering into the Whitney museum, lunch at a cute vegan cafe and of course outfit pictures.  Thank you Amanda for the stunning photography and adventure, check out her Youtube channel  & Instagram

Metropark Train station about 8am. 

Arrived at Penn station and wandered throughout Manhattan.

Blick acrylic art store - rows and rows of paint and art supplies, fit Amanda's aesthetic & matched her sweater.  Pretty cool to see so many shades of paint in one place. 

Blossom Du Jour is a cute vegan cafe where we got lunch - vegan mac & cheese and a kale sweet potato wrap.  Fancy vegan lunches at cafes are always my favorite.  

The Whitney Museum of American Art has numerous floors filled with inspiring pieces of pop art done by american artists.

The view of from the rooftop of the Whitney Museum of the New York skyline is breath taking. 

What I wore for the day was simple and chic with a touch of dazzle; very New York.   

This look is simply head to toe neutrals; a plain black long sleeve top, wide leg mauve trousers and vintage pointed toe kitten heels.   

I really love the style of wide leg pants and a tight fitted top.  These trousers are from the brand express, very stylish and comfortable to wear wide leg pants are a 70's trend making a comeback.  The mauve shade of these pants adds a delicate femininity to this look along with the cute pointed toe heels I selected simply because the toes peak right out from the hem of the pants. 

I chose to accessorize this look with rose gold details; a simple rose gold choker necklace and a stack of glittering rose gold rings both from Charming Charlie are the jewelry pieces I selected to add a bit of sparkle to the outfit. 

The starring accessory of this look is this dazzling rose gold clutch from Henri Bendel.  This glamorous bag is the shining star of the outfit adding luxury to the simply chic look while pulling together the outfit and jewelry pieces.

I enjoyed my city adventure and hope to return soon.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to follow my Instagram to see daily pictures. 
Talk to you in my next post!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Attending Yuna Yang F/W 17 Fashion Show

" Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward towards the future... This is known as Fashion Week"

February 11th, I took the train into New York city to attend my first ever fashion week show.  This particular designer is Yuna Yang, a women's high end clothing designer based in Manhattan who uses materials and inspiration from eastern and western culture to create her artistic high end collections.

The Yuna Yang Fall / Winter 2017 Collection is titled 'Lights in the Shadow'.  Women uniting worldwide in the darkest political and social times are creating a movement. These strong women banning together representing the light within darkness have inspired this collection.  

 "To see a single candle lit, where all it takes is a small flame to over power darkness.  With such light of power, it will illuminate the unity and strength.  Light shines brighter in the darkness." 

I would describe Yuna's collection nothing short of magical. 
Yuna's designs seemingly twinkled in the dim lit room. The use of light and dark hues danced in watercolor - like patterns including florals and "candle" prints flowing beautifully throughout the collection.  

Garments in mainly satin, silk, and velvet fabrics with delicate feminine touches of lace and fur floated down the runway, the use of layering fabrics and textures is pleasing to the eye. 

Yuna's true artistry was overall shown in the detail of these looks; intricate bead work, feathered accents and fine embroidery were all small touches that added a world of delicacy and fine detail to this stunning collection. 

I'm grateful to have witnessed  Yuna Yang's 'Lights and Shadow' FW 17 collection grace the runway.  I included a video of the show from her brand's youtube channel so you can watch as well. 

Thank you to Yuna's team for the show invitation.  All photos used in this post are taken off of google or taken by my friend Amanda Halbert @Lvl5films on Instagram   Leave below your thoughts on this collection, I loved sharing my experience with you & I hope to attend more fashion shows in the future. 

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