Friday, March 28, 2014

New Youtube channel // Spring hair tutorial & ways to wear and personalize it

Hi every one! I have some very exciting news…… I started a youtube channel!!!  The channel is called Beautyybychloe and it's on Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle just like my blog!  All you lovely readers can subscribe to my channel HERE.  It would make my day if even a couple of you subscribed!  Now what I am going to do on top of regular blogposts is make blogposts that go along with my videos, where you watch the video and get a little extra from the post or vise versa!  This post today is going to be the very first of that kind, the video shows you how to create my favorite spring time hairstyle and this blogpost explains different ways to wear and personalize the look.

Warm spring days call for pretty, girly, easy, hair styles that keep the hair out of your face in the beautiful weather.  So today I have for you a tutorial on one of my favorite springtime hairstyles that fits  that description exactly and how to wear and personalize the look!  First, here's the tutorial!

This hairstyle is so pretty with the soft curls, and the pastel pink bow that I got from Claire's adds a girly and fun element to the look that perfectly captures the feeling of spring.  A great option for those warm spring days where you want your hair out of your face and are tired of the same old boring pony tail. 

  A great thing about this hairstyle is it's not to formal or casual, so it can be worn almost anywhere. Here are some ideas of places to wear this hairstyle and ways to style it:

 ~Out to lunch, paired with a sundress and sandals for a girly dressed up look. 
~For a walk on the beach, paired with a floral skirt and sunglasses for a carefree beach vibe.

~To school, paired with a pastel blouse and light wash jeans for a sweet and simple spring look.  

This hairstyle is versatile and the hair accessories are of your choice.  
Here are some other ideas of hair accessories that can be worn with this look besides my choice of the  pink bow:

   ~Flower clips 

~ A ribbon

~ A headband


I hope you enjoyed the video and post!  Now you know how to create my favorite spring time hairstyle!  Be sure to subscribe to my brand new youtube channel and tell me in the comments how and where you would wear this look!  Until next time!


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