Friday, March 28, 2014

New Youtube channel // Spring hair tutorial & ways to wear and personalize it

Hi every one! I have some very exciting news…… I started a youtube channel!!!  The channel is called Beautyybychloe and it's on Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle just like my blog!  All you lovely readers can subscribe to my channel HERE.  It would make my day if even a couple of you subscribed!  Now what I am going to do on top of regular blogposts is make blogposts that go along with my videos, where you watch the video and get a little extra from the post or vise versa!  This post today is going to be the very first of that kind, the video shows you how to create my favorite spring time hairstyle and this blogpost explains different ways to wear and personalize the look.

Warm spring days call for pretty, girly, easy, hair styles that keep the hair out of your face in the beautiful weather.  So today I have for you a tutorial on one of my favorite springtime hairstyles that fits  that description exactly and how to wear and personalize the look!  First, here's the tutorial!

This hairstyle is so pretty with the soft curls, and the pastel pink bow that I got from Claire's adds a girly and fun element to the look that perfectly captures the feeling of spring.  A great option for those warm spring days where you want your hair out of your face and are tired of the same old boring pony tail. 

  A great thing about this hairstyle is it's not to formal or casual, so it can be worn almost anywhere. Here are some ideas of places to wear this hairstyle and ways to style it:

 ~Out to lunch, paired with a sundress and sandals for a girly dressed up look. 
~For a walk on the beach, paired with a floral skirt and sunglasses for a carefree beach vibe.

~To school, paired with a pastel blouse and light wash jeans for a sweet and simple spring look.  

This hairstyle is versatile and the hair accessories are of your choice.  
Here are some other ideas of hair accessories that can be worn with this look besides my choice of the  pink bow:

   ~Flower clips 

~ A ribbon

~ A headband


I hope you enjoyed the video and post!  Now you know how to create my favorite spring time hairstyle!  Be sure to subscribe to my brand new youtube channel and tell me in the comments how and where you would wear this look!  Until next time!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Face of the Day // Golden eyes

Hello everyone and happy St. Patrick's day!  Today I am going to show you my St. Patrick's day face of the day! The focal point of this look is the eyes; with the big lashes and gold eyeshadow shades to represent the gold at the end of the Rainbow. I wore this look all day and really love it, the eyes are just so beautiful!  Now, here is what I used!  



 Neutrogena Skin clearing Liquid makeup in shade 60, Beige 

~ I really love how this foundation not only covers up, but corrects the skin with a couple of uses (Also, tell me if you would like to see a review of any of these products I am using)

                                                     Maybelline Fit me concealer in shade 20, Sand

~I've talked about this concealer before, I just love how it brightens the under eye area

Neutrogena shine control powder in shade 10, Invisible

~Keeps skin looking matte all day

Milani Illuminating face powder in shade 02 Hermosa rose  

~My favorite bronzer at the moment, really gives my skin a healthy glow ( Link to this idem is here in the section of my blog titled Chloe's These are a few of my Favorite things)


Cream eyeshadow base 
Maybelline color tattoo in shade 70, Barely Branded

~ This cream shadow glides on smooth, has a nice golden color, and keeps my other shadows in place all day

Eye shadow ( All over lid)
L'oreal Hip studio secrets crystal eyeshadow duo in shade 819, Precious ( Left side)

~ I really love the golden shimmer this crystal shadow adds to the eye look

Eye shadow ( Crease color)
Trick from Urban decay's Naked 3 Palette

~ My favorite color from the Naked 3 Palette, a gorgeous rose gold shade

Maybelline Falsies Mascara (Waterproof formula)

~ I just recently tried out this mascara and I am obsessed! This mascara makes my lashes so long and full, just like falsies!


Lo'real color Riche in shade 800, Fairest nude

~ My favorite lipstick, a pink nude color perfect for everyday wear   

There it is! My St. Patrick's day face of the day! I loved wearing this look all day, so pretty and festive and works well for everyday wear.  Until next time, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Roomspiration + Floral Banner DIY

Spring is just around the corner, and during the spring like every other season I like to add seasonal touches to my bedroom to get in the spirt.  So today I am going to show you how I decorated my room to give it a springtime feel, a little inspiration for you all! Also, I am going to show you how I made the floral banner hanging in my room pictured above!

Floral Banner DIY 

To begin I started with some pastel yellow ribbon that I bought from the craft store.  You can use any color you would like, but the ribbon you pick should be thick and easy to tie in knots. 

Next, I cut the ribbon to the size I wanted my banner and tied a bow on ONLY ONE end of the ribbon.

Now, I started by attaching these floral hanging decorations that I got from the craft store to the ribbon.  Your floral decorations can be different than mine, as long as they have a loop part at the top to hang, they will work just fine.  To attach the floral decorations I started by threading the ribbon through the loop part of them and  positioning them9 into the place where I would like the flowers to hang from the banner.  Then, I tied a knot around the loop to keep it in place. 

I continued to do this with the decorations I had, leaving a nice amount of space between each.

Completed I used 5 floral hanging decorations for the banner. 

To finish off the banner I tied bow at the end.

This is what the finished banner looks like while hanging up.  This floral banner is so cute and simple to make! I just love how it adds a floral touch to the room.  Perfect to keep up all throughout the spring!

Spring Roomspiration 

In the spring I think of flowers, nature, sweet scents, and pastel colors, so thats what I based all of my little decorations off of!

Right here I have an arrangement of white, coral, yellow, and cream colored fake flowers that I put into a simple white vase from Target.  I love the color combination of these flowers, they remind me of an orange creamsicle!  Flowers can brighten to look of any room, and the possibilities of different flower arrangements are endless! Another thing I did was put two pastel sparkling easter eggs that I got from the craft store to each side of the vase to add  a little bit of the easter spirt. 

Next to the vase I put this beautiful little basket that I had.  It's yellow with different colored flowers at the bottom and a sparkling  monarch butterfly at the top.  This basket shows all the beauty in nature during spring time.  

Over here I used quite a bit of pink to decorate which is a great spring color!

I have a pink Patriot candle in the scent sweet pea.  I love burning this candle in the spring, its fresh, floral, and sweet.

A cute idea that I had was to fill this bowl, which I actually made myself, with some more of those glittering pastel colored easter eggs.  You can do this with any decretive bowl, and some other ideas of things to fill it with would be flower petals or little decretive stones. Have fun with it! 

Now this was an amazing find that I got from the store Bath and Bodyworks.  It's called a wallflower.  What you do is  pick a scent and screw it to the bottom part of the wallflower and plug it into the wall.  Then, the room is filled with the scent from the wallflower!  They have many different types of them; I bought a flower one for spring but they have at least 10 different types per season.  Also, they have many scents to chose from too!  The link to this idem is in the section of my blog titled "Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things" if you would like to check it out. 

The scent of the wallflower I have now is in Honeysuckle which is again a fresh, floral, sweet scent perfect for the springtime. 

I hope you got some ideas on how to decorate your room for the springtime and enjoyed learning how to make this beautiful floral banner!  I loved sharing my spring room decor with you all!  Leave a comment down below telling me how you decorate/are going to decorate for the spring! 


Pink Double Sketch Heart