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May and June Favorites 2014

Hey everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your summer break. Today I have my May AND June favorites!  Yes, two months worth of favorites all in one post.  I had meant to post my May favorites back in June and I never got a chance, so I just added them in with my June favorites as well!  I also made a video about these favorites on My Youtube channel so be sure to check it out below!  In this post I am going to break  up everything into categories and tell you all about my favorites!  If I do say so my self there are quite a few things here that will make you want to run to the nearest mall right after you read this post!  I did my best to find the products online, so if you want to purchase items mentioned then go to the section of my Blog titled Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things and if the product is still available there will be a picture of it that will lead you right to the website!  Now without further ado, here is one of my longest posts that I've written so far filled with a bit of everything!

May & June Favorites Video 



So basically for the entire month of May the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette was the ONLY PALETTE I touched, yup it's that good.  It has all of your basic matte neutral colors plus a shimmer off white and a back shadow.  I used the light brown matte  shade called Naked 2  the most all over my lid and the shimmer off white shade called Venus a lot in my inner corners.  The shades are perfect for creating everyday makeup looks, and the shadows are all beautifully smooth and pigmented.  Also, I love that the palette is travel size so you can bring it anywhere!    

As the weather kept getting warmer my makeup kept melting, even though I started to wear a lot less.  But, then I found this NYX Matte Finish finishing spray and the game changed in my favor.  Now I can sit in the sun for hours with a full face of makeup and it won't budge (mind you I don't do that I like minimal makeup for the summer).  Beginning in May and now into July I spray my face with this finishing spray and my makeup stays all day! This product is a must have for anyone who wears light to full makeup during the warmer months.

My last Makeup favorite for May is this L'oreal Color Riche lipstick in shade 135 Ballerina shoes.  First of all the formula is just perfect, I LOVE all of the L'oreal Color Riche lipsticks.  They are all so rich and smooth, especially for a drugstore lip product!  This shade is a really pretty barbie pink with a bit of shine.  Beautiful for the spring and summer!  I did a post on this lipstick in April with a couple other drugstore lipsticks, so if you want to see a full review, read this post: Bright, Affordable, Wearable, and Beautiful Spring Lipsticks


During the summer months I like my makeup to be light and minimal but still have that airbrushed look. I have been mixing two light water based foundations.  First, the Bare Minerals Pure Brightening serum foundation which is super light and water based.  The color match is perfect, I ware shade Bare Beige 08, and it has Spf 20 in it which protects against the sun.  But, alone I found that it does not provide as much coverage as I would like.  So, that is where the L'oreal Magic Nude liquid powder foundation comes in.  This foundation I like because gives my skin an airbrushed look with it's  liquid to powder formula. With this I can avoid wearing powder which is perfect because I find that wearing powder in the summer tends to make me look cakey.  This foundation also has Spf 18.  I mix it with the Bare minerals foundation because I am in between shades 312 Classic Ivory and 314 Creamy Natural, also if my skin has ANY dry patches at all this foundation will stick to them horribly, and when mixing it with the Bare minerals foundation I avoid that that problem all together.  This combination gives me the light airbrushed look that I love, matches my skin color, and protects me from the sun!

Another favorite from NYX is this stick waterproof concealer.  If I was only allowed to ware one makeup idem ever it would have to be concealer for underneath my eyes.  I feel that it makes my face look brighter and more awake.  When I go in the pool or ocean I wear this concealer, and since it's waterproof it stays on well!  This has been a really useful idem this summer to throw in my beach bag when I know I am going to be by water!



As you may know, I am obsessed with Sally Hanson nail polishes!  I love their long-lasting quality and gel like shine finish.  In May I bought this Sally Hanson Ultimate shield top coat polish and now my nail polish can go a week with out chipping!  Also, this top coat adds even more shine to my nails! Another successful Sally Hanson purchase.



I use so much hairspray it's laughable, and of course I carry it around with me wherever I go for hair emergencies!  Well before I was caring around a full size bottle of hairspray in my purse, (people would stare when I pulled it out, and it makes my purse really heavy haha), now I got a mini bottle!  Let me tell you, it is much easier to carry around, and less socially weird to pull out of your purse!  So if you have the same problems that I was having, be sure to look for a travel size bottle! Oh, and the Matrix Biolage Blue agave formula is a pretty good one, and very easy to build up when teasing hair.

Bath & Body


Every month I have a new hand sanitizer from Bath & Body works in my purse.  For May I picked a perfect springtime scent; Lavender Honey.  Literally springtime in a bottle: Honey and flowers.  Also, the label is the cutest with the little flowers and bees on it! 


In June I found a sweet, light, and floral summer scent called Golden Magnolia Sun from Bath & Body works.  The scent description reads, "a luminous blend of pink magnolia, golden apricot, and sun kissed peony, blooming with a touch of sensual vanilla and cassis nectar".  Of course I didn't just buy the soap, I also bought the body spray and body scrub as well!  Body scrub is really great for the summer because it keeps your skin smooth and free of dry patches.  Also, the packaging for these products is so fun and reminds me of the summer sun, especially the body scrub which has the colors of a sunset on it!

Cute Things


I found the most adorable makeup bag from Victoria's Secret!  It has pink stripes on it, and pink is my favorite color!  It's great to throw in my purse and the long shape is perfect for lip products and mascaras!  Also, a bonus is that it is made of a wipeable material so it is easy to remove makeup stains, which has been a problem with past makeup bags for me.  This makeup bag is now an on the go essential! 


This phone case just makes me smile when ever I look at it.  It is a hologram of an ocean scene and a rainbow, so when you turn it different ways the rainbow appears/disappears and the ocean waves move back and forth revealing a message in the sand that reads "Wish you were here".  Such a beautiful ocean scene, and I love the gold trim.  This phone case from Aeropostale is really unique and has a fun summer postcard vibe to it!



I really like the two bottom charm bracelets pictured above from Claire's.  One has a C on it (for Chloe of course), and the other has a sparkling sphere.  Stacking bracelets is really fun and I love dainty jewelry like this!  These bracelets add sparkle and shine to the outfits they are worn with! 


These heart shaped sunglasses from Charlotte Russe are MY FAVORITE thing for basically the whole summer!!!  I looked in every store in the entire mall for a pair of sunglasses like this; heart shaped, gold, aviator style, AND to make these even more amazing there is pink at the bottom of the sunglasses!  These are exactly my style, and couldn't have found a better pair of sunglass for the summer! 



During May I wore this outfit all the time!  It is super girly (just my style), reminds me of spring, and incorporates two of my favorite colors; pink and gold!  The floral skirt from Abercrombie is so pretty and girly, I love the pink tones.  During the spring I always wear a lot of floral skirts because they just brighten my mood!  The white crop top from Abercrombie compliments the skirt nicely and has fun cutouts in the back.  Of course during spring and summer I'm going to be wearing sandals, and these gold ones from Macy's are beautiful!  I love the sparkles and the gorgeous twist design on them.  The light pink headband is from American Apparel and it adds even more of a girly style to this look!  Lastly, for jewelry I didn't want to go overboard, so I added a gold love ring from Claire's to complete my outfit.  


During June I put together this outfit and wore it a lot!  I love pretty tank tops for the summer and the color combination of blue and white makes for an outfit that reminds me of the ocean and boardwalk!  My tank top from Hollister is really beautiful and unique, it is tight with white lace at the top and flows out with a beautiful design containing  different shades of blues.  This top is the focal point of the outfit and adds an ocean feel to this summer look.  White short will always be my favorite for the summer because of their ability to dress up an outfit, these from Hollister are really cute and simple.  My shoes from Payless add some sparkle to the outfit, which is always needed!  They are really simple silver flip flops witch are such a better choice then plastic ones.  To finish the look with more sparkle I am wearing my silver charm bracelets and my love bracelet.  These look really pretty when stacked together as I did!  


I hope you enjoyed reading all about my two month's worth of favorites, I always love to share with you all!  Items that are still available online will be in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite things if you want to take a look!  Be sure to tell me in the comments if you have any of the same favorites as me!  And subscribe to my youtube channel Beautyybychloe  because I have been making a lot of new videos recently!  Also, tell me if you like these super long posts haha! 




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