Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bright, Affordable, Wearable, and Beautiful Spring Lipsticks

The other day when I was searching through my lipstick collection I realized most of my colors were nude pinks… yeah not very springy at all.  So, of course I did what anyone with an addiction to makeup would do, went to the nearest drugstore (in this case CVS), and stocked up on some fun spring lipsticks!  I bought four Lipsticks; all bright, affordable, wearable, and beautiful!  This post is going to be a show and tell for all these lovely lipsticks, hope you enjoy!

The Colors 
(Swatches in order from Top to Bottom)
(Lipstick pictures starting at top left going Clockwise)

Maybelline Color Sensational Shade 525 Peachy Scene~ A vibrant coral shade more towards the red side of the spectrum, that glides on easily with a bit of shine

L'oreal Color Riche Shade 135 Ballerina Shoes~ A bright baby pink shade with a rich formula and tons of shine

Revlon Super Lustrous Shade 120 Apricot Fantasy~ A pale peachy orange shade with a smooth application and a bit of shine 

L'oreal Color Riche Shade 140 Mauved~ A brighter than classic rosey toned mauve shade, with a rich formula and tons of shine



Peachy Scene

This is the perfect vibrant coral lipstick from Maybelline, very nice for spring and summer when you want that pop of color!  The price is right, only $7.49 and it has a very nice color payoff for such a bright shade.  The packaging is not my favorite based purely on looks, but it is fully functional and I haven't had any problems with it. For this lipstick especially, it's what's inside that counts!

Ballerina Shoes 

This lipstick from L'oreal is my favorite of the bunch. Light pinks are my favorite lip shades to wear, and this color gives me a beautiful Barbie doll lip effect!  I love the quality of L'oreal lipsticks, very rich and smooth.  Also, the rose gold packaging is to die for; so beautiful and the the cap snaps right in place without budging.  At $8.95  you will defiantly get your money's worth with this lipstick!

Apricot Fantasy 

This Revlon peachy orange lipstick adds a fun girly element to any makeup look!  I've been seeing the orange lip trend for this spring quiet a bit so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and give it a try!  The pale undertones and smooth finish makes orange lips easy to pull off  for an everyday look, and at $7.99 who could resist?  The only downside to this lipstick is the packaging; bland and boring, and I have been having issues with the cap sliding off in my purse, pretty annoying.  But, other than that this lipstick is a nice color for people experimenting with orange lips! 


This is NOT just a plain, classic, mauve lipstick from L'oreal, but one that is bright, with a rosy shine, a must have in your spring lip collection.  Such a pretty rosy color with the amazing, rich, smooth, formula and beautiful packaging of L'oreal.  When creating girly, glowing, makeup looks I will definitely reach for this shade and at $8.95 it's just perfect! 

I hope this post gave you some inspiration on how to stock up for the spring with bright, affordable, wearable, and beautiful lipsticks!  I had a lot of fun choosing these colors and showing them to you!  The link to my favorite shade is in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things if you want to check that out. (By the way NOTHING in this post is sponsored).  Keep an eye out for my next post, it's going to include a giveaway! Until next time, have a great day!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Get Ready with me ♡Easter Edition♡ ~ Hair Makeup Outfit~

Hello everyone! I'm back with a get ready with me post and video! Easter was a few days ago, and I went to brunch with my family.  But, before I left I decided to film me getting ready and take pictures of my how I did my hair, makeup, and outfit in this springtime garden look!  To start this post there is a video from my Youtube channel Beautyybychloe where you will see the process of me applying my makeup, doing my hair, and some shots of my outfit too.  Then, after the video I posted  many pictures of my hair, makeup, and outfit along with explanations of how I achieved this look with glowing makeup, springtime accessories, and this beautiful garden dress.  I hope you enjoy!

~Get ready with me Easter Edition~


 This Easter makeup look involves light matte shadow colors, big lashes, glossed lips, light blush, and a shimmering highlight to create a natural, beautiful, glowing look that is perfect for the spring. Here's how I did it!

I started by using my  First aid Beauty Ultra repair cream all over my face. Moisturized skin is the key if you want to achieve a dewy, glowing finish to your makeup.

Then I applied my Cover girl outlast stay fabulous 3 in one foundation in the shade 832, Nude Beige.  This foundation gives a light to medium finish which is just enough to cover discoloration and tiny blemishes.  It is nice for spring and summer when you don't want to cake on the makeup, and also has Spf 20 which protects the skin from the sun while spending more time outside. 

To brighten right under my eyes I used the Maybelline Fit me concealer in shade 20, Sand which works like a charm.  I also used this on my eyelids to prime them, this way my eye shadow appears brighter and stays on all day.

I used the Tiniest bit of This Neutrogena shine control powder in the shade 10, Invisible so that my makeup is set, but I don't look completely matte.

For the natural glow I used this Physician's formula eye and face palette in the shade Natural Nude, as a bronzer, blush, and highlight. 

First, I used the darker, golden shades as bronzer to contour and warm up my face. 

 Then, I used the pink shades on my cheeks as blush to give me a nice light finish.  

Last, I used the lightest nude shades to highlight above my cheek bones and down my nose to finish off my glowing makeup.  

I love the finish this palette gives my skin and it is so nice that it works as a bronzer, blush, and highlight all in one! 

Now, I filled in my brows with this Master shape eyebrow pencil in the shade Deep Brown to give my brows a bit more definition, because after all your eyebrows are what frame your face.     

For my eyeshadow I used 3 of these neutral matte shades from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.  These colors are really nice for the spring and summer; light with a  gorgeous matte finish. 

 To start, I used the second shade in the palette (Going left to right);  Foxy; a nice, yellow tinged, neutral color as base and put it all over my lid. 

Then, I blended the fourth shade in the palette; Naked 2, a pretty, light, grayish brown shade in the crease of my eyelid to add some color and depth into the look.  

Last, I used the third shade in the palette; W.O.S., a light beige, with a hint of  pink in the inner corner of my eye to brighten up and finish off the look. 

Next, I gave my eyelashes a good curl using my Tweezerman eyelash curler to make my lashes nice and big before applying mascara.

For this look I was going for super big lashes, so I used two coats of the Maybelline falsies mascara in the waterproof formula.  The two coats made my lashes super big and dark, and the waterproof formula ensures long wear.

For the lips I kept it pretty and simple by using the L'oreal Colur Caresse lipgloss in shade 182, Pink Perseverance which wears as a super sheer pink giving off the perfect glossy sheen.  With that, the makeup is finished!


For my hair I created this super simple carefree look and added a floral crown to give it a springtime feel. 

I straightened my hair and then took two mini bobby pins and pinned my bangs under a section of my hair as shown in the picture above. 

To add a little spring in my hairstyle I placed this floral crown of Daisies on my head and completed the look.  This floral crown also goes perfectly with my dress and adds more of the garden vibe into this Easter look that I just love!


When I think Easter I think dressy, light colors,  and floral prints.  This year I am wearing this outfit with all those elements, that I call the Springtime garden look.  I named it this because when I look at this outfit all together I am reminded of sitting in a beautiful garden of yellow flowers in the springtime. 

The focal point of the outfit is this beautiful garden dress.  The top is strapless with a sweet heart neckline, and made of a beige lace material that has a small cutout in the back.  Neutral colors are beautiful for spring, and I just love cutouts, they look really nice, especially on dresses.  The bottom part of the dress is made of a light chiffon material, and is a high-low black skirt with yellow and neutral colored flowers on it.  The high-low skirt gives the dress a garden, girly feel with the flowers and also a bit of a boho, carefree feel with the loose high-low skirt.  I absolutely adore this dress for the spring and loved wearing it on Easter!

For Jewelry I chose to wear bronze/gold colors to match the neutral look. First, I put on this really pretty love midi ring that adds a cute touch to the outfit.  Then, I put on two of my nature themed Alex and Ani bracelets; the tree and the lady bug which match the garden theme of the outfit perfectly.  

To complete my outfit I wore beige/ brown sandals with a white strap.  I really love these sandals for spring and summer and they look really nice with this dress that I wore. 

That's it for this blogpost!  My favorite items that I mentioned in this post such as the dress and Naked Basics palette are linked in the section of my blog titled Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things  where you click on the picture of the idem and it brings you to the site where you can buy it.  So, if you are interested in any of these things definitely check that out.  I hope this post inspired you and gave you some ideas on how to wear your hair, do your makeup,  or put together an outfit for the spring.  I will be doing some more spring themed blogposts in the future so keep a look out, and I hope you had a happy easter!





Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 2014 Favorites

Yes, I know I'm a little late, but better late then never!  Today I have for you all a post on my March favorites!  I am going to show you some of my favorite beauty products and fashion items that I have been loving this march.  First, I have the March 2014 favorites video from my youtube; Beautyybychloe and then I have pictures of the products which I will explain more in depth in this post.  Lastly, all the products mentioned that are still available will be linked in the section of my blog titled Chloe's These are a few of my Favorites Things.  So, lets begin!  

In this video I will explain all of my favorite products from march!  I hope you enjoy! 

My first favorite of this month is the Bath and Body works sent Paris amour.  As you can see I got a bit carried away!  I bought the soap, body mist, lotion, and hand sanitizer.  The packaging is adorable, pink with bows and an Eiffel tower, definitely my style!  Also, all the product is pink!  This sent is described as "a dreamy blend of French tulips, apple blossoms, and sparkling pink champagne touched with sandalwood and creamy musk".  It is a perfect spring sent, the strongest notes are the tulips and pink champagne.  The name fits the sent perfectly, and whenever I use the body spray or soap I think; this is what paris must smell like! I have been using all these products daily and love smelling like Paris amour!

Next I have a haircare favorite, the Tresemm'e Keratin Smooth Flat Iron smoothing spray.  This product I spray onto my hair before I blow-dry, straighten, or curl my hair and it really makes a difference!  I have found that while using this my hair is smoother, softer, and has more volume.  The main ingredient is keratin, which is what makes this spray so great, keratin is amazing for your hair and makes is softer, smoother, and more healthy.  After trying this and seeing the results I have switched most of my products to Keratin based ones and my hair is looking much healthier already! 

Now lets talk mascara, this month has been a good lash month for sure!  I have been using the Maybelline Falsies volume express mascara in the waterproof formula.  I won this mascara from the lookbranche  blog giveaway and I have fallen in love with it! The brush is shaped like a C for max volume and coating every lash, and formula makes my lashes darker while giving  them loads of volume!  When I wear this mascara my lashes are big enough to the point where they almost look like falsies!  Another great thing is that I don't have  a problem with clumping either, which earns this mascara a 10 out of 10 in my book! 

The next favorite I have for this month is the Sephora collection double ended retractable brush.  On one end is a medium sized powder brush and on the other end is an angled brush about the same size.  I use the powder end to apply my blush and I use the angled end to apply my bronzer.  What I love about this brush besides the fact that is two brushes in one, is the fact that it is super soft and at the same time very durable, at the affordable price of 22$!  In the future I will be purchasing more brushes from the Sephora collection because I love the softness and durability of them, and I would definitely recommend you trying out some Sephora brushes for yourself!

My last Beauty favorite is the Sally Handson complete salon manicure polish in the shade 470 Red my lips.  It is safe to say that the entire line of Sally Handson complete salon manicure polish is my favorite polish I have discovered so far!  The colors are so brilliant, the finish  is comparable to a gel polish, and it dries pretty quick!  These polishes don't even need a second coat!  When I first tried a color from this line I was amazed at the vibrancy of the color and the gel like finish so I bought another, and another, and another, and now I'm at the point where I hardly use any other polish that is not from the line!  The color I have been wearing this month is shade 470 Red my lips.  It is a perfect shade of red, not to dark or bright, a nice classic shade.  I love this line of polish and  Red my lips is one of my favorites, I just feel so classy with red nails!


Statement necklaces are hot these season, I have been seeing them everywhere!  So I decided to buy a few of my own, and my favorite one this month has been this one with white flowers from the store Love Culture.  It is the perfect size, not too over powering for my neck.  I love wearing flowers  for the spring so of course this necklace is one of my favorites!  I  have had a lot of fun pairing it with some of my favorite blouses like the one shown below, and it adds the perfect spring touch to my outfits!

My last favorite is this light blue spring blouse that I bought from the store Love Culture.  Basically in the spring all I wear is blouses so I love finding new ones!  This blouse is made of a nice light material, great for those warmer days.  A unique and perhaps my favorite part about this blouse is the sleeves.  They are off the shoulder, puffed out sleeves and there are two spaghetti straps holding the top up, so adorable!  And the color, gorgeous!  I have also found a lot of cloths in this light blue color  that I adore for the spring!  This top is the picture of spring and I have been loving it this month!

I hope you enjoyed my March 2014 favorites and leave a comment below telling me what your favorites are this month, or a link to a blogpost you wrote or video you filmed about your favorites because I would love to check it out!  Also, tell me what you think about my favorites, and we can chat in the comments section!♡Chloe

Pink Double Sketch Heart