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Pinterest Inspired: ♡Pumpkin Decorating, Recipes & Skincare♡

Pumpkin season is upon us, and the pumpkin craze is in full swing!  Everywhere you turn you see pumpkin DIYs, decorating ideas, and of course recipes!  So today I was inspired to make a Pumpkin themed blogpost showing you some ideas on how to decorate pumpkins, make pumpkin recipes, and even how to make a pumpkin face mask!  

All these ideas I found on Pinterest, so yes this is another Pinterest Wednesday blogpost (on a Sunday lol).  If you're new to this series, let me explain.  I just take things I see on Pinterest and recreate them in a blogpost and/or video!  Be sure to check out the Pinterest Wednesday board to keep posted on all of the Past/Present/Future Pinterest Wednesday posts and just comment or message me to be added to the board if you have any pins you want me to recreate HERE 

The specific pumpkin decorating ideas I am going to show you in this post are a glitter pumpkin and a sequined pumpkin & the recipes are are a vegan PSS (Pumpkin spice smoothie) and pumpkin clementines, plus a skincare recipe is a pumpkin face mask!  Also, be sure to watch the video down below that goes along with this post! Enjoy! 


Sequined pumpkin 

This first DIY Decoration idea is a Sequined Pumpkin.  It is super easy to make and looks really cute as a side table decoration! 


 ~ Sequins 
~Elmer's Glue 
~Pumpkin (Real or Fake)


~Place small dots of glue on your pumpkin where you want your sequins to be

~Press the sequins into the glue

~Wait for it to dry

~Once dry your pumpkin is dry it's ready for use!

Glitter Pumpkin 

This DIY Glitter Pumpkin is my favorite DIY in this whole post, because I have a HUGE obsession with glitter!  It also makes for a beautiful centerpiece at any table!


~ Loose glitter of several colors; I used brown, gold, and orange
~Gold or any other color spray paint
~Pumpkin (Real or Fake)
~Elmer's Glue

 ~Spray paint your entire Pumpkin 

~Once dry apply Elmer's glue to the top portion of the pumpkin ONLY

~One color of glitter at a time, pour it onto the glue

~Apply a bit more glue under where your glitter is (unevenly so it looks like the glitter is dripped onto the pumpkin) DO NOT COVER THE WHOLE PUMPKIN

~Pour more glitter onto that glue

~Place a bit of glue at the top of your pumpkin's stem 

~Pour a mixture of glitter onto that as well

~Wait about 3-4 hours for it to dry

~Place where ever you please to decorate, just a warning that some glitter may get onto the table!

Clementine Pumpkins

This first recipe is the easiest of them all!  They are super cute Clementine Pumpkins, the perfect healthy treat for a halloween party!


~Cinnamon sticks 

~Peel your clementines

~Break a cinnamon  stick in half 

~Sick the cinnamon stick in the center of the clementine 

~Now your clementine pumpkins are ready for a halloween party! 

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Smoothie (PSS)

I call this recipe the PSS (Pumpkin spice Smoothie).  It is a healthy and Vegan alternative to the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) from Starbucks, and let me tell you, IT'S DELICIOUS! 


~1 frozen banana
~1 cup of rice milk 
~1/2 cup of pumpkin 
~1 cup of vanilla dairy free yogurt 

~Add all of the ingredients into a blender in any order 

~Blend until smooth

~Pour into a cute glass and add a straw 

~Sprinkle some extra cinnamon to the top 

~Then it's ready to drink! 

Pumpkin Face Mask

This last Pumpkin DIY is a face mask!  It is super easy to make and when I use it, it leaves my skin feeling super smooth! 


(Sorry this face mask is not vegan, 
these ingrediants just work wonders on the skin)
~ 1 tbs of honey
~1 tbs of milk 
~2 tbs of pumpkin 

~Put all the ingredients into a small bowl in any order


~Leave in the fridge overnight to set 

~Take out the next day for use! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about all the different Pumpkin DIY and Recipe ideas I recreated from Pinterest!  Be sure to follow my Pinterest HERE and comment below which of these ideas you will be doing!  Talk to you next time!


  1. No lie, I just glittered a pumpkin today too! XD The smoothie sounds delicious, and that face mask is so creative! Great post darling!

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