Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day Lookbook♡Vintage/Girly

Happy Valentines day! Today's post is a Valentines day lookbook with a vintage, girly, romantic, theme.  Wether your going out tonight or spending a cozy night in, this post has got you covered in outfit inspiration! A video to go along with this post will be included as well, so be sure to continue reading to see these valentines day looks I put together!

Lookbook Video 

Pink Romance 
Date night Outfit

This first outfit "Pink romance" is perfect for date night, it has a classic, feminine, romantic, feel to it, the main focus being on the chiffon powder pink dress with its high neckline and lace details.  This dress from the online boutique Xenia gives off a lovely and romantic feeling and looks so sweet and innocent.  I just love the lace high neckline and light weight chiffon skirt which I could twirl around all night in!  I paired this dress with some nude lace flats from Payless which compliments the lace and color of the dress beautifully and are super comfortable.  For the finishing touch I added my delicate pearl necklace from Lia sophia which gives off a classic feminine feeling and pulls the outfit together. 

Vintage Sweetheart 
Girls Night Out

This next outfit "Vintage sweetheart" is perfect for a fun night out getting dressed up with your friends!  This outfit gives off a feminine, fun, and vintage feeling with this pleated A-line skirt, white heels, and floral patterned top which reminds me of victorian times.  The structured, grey, A-line skirt from Cotton On is is so beautiful and classic, it has lots of volume and adds that fun feeling to this outfit. I paired the skirt with a tight floral print tank from Free People which adds gorgeous muted blue hues to this outfit in it's lovely victorian pattern.  And since it's girls night you gotta wear heels, so I chose these white ones with a shiny finish from Famous footwear that complement the entire outfit beautifully!

Cozy Dreams
Relaxing night in 

This last outfit "Cozy Dreams" is perfect for a girly Valentines day in, relaxing, baking, and watching all the movies you can on Netflix, (but you still want to take some cute Instagram pictures).  This outfit is a perfect mix of cozy and girly with the cute oversized pink sweater and heart print knee high socks, it resembles an outfit you would spot in your pinterest feed! Sweaters are a winter essential, and this oversized light pink sweater from cotton on is sooooo comfy, it feels as if  I'm wearing a pretty pink knit blanket!  Since the sweater is a few inches short to wear on its own, under it I am wearing a cream cotton dress from Brandy Melville, which acts as another cozy layer in this outfit.   And if your staying home all day your going to need some cute socks, so in the spirt of valentines day I made these knee high socks from heart print tights I got at target, they are so cute, girly, and tie together the outfit perfectly.

 I hope you have a lovely valentines day, and remember to love those around you!  Be sure to comment below your favorite outfit and I'll see you soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

January 2015 Favorites♡

Wow, where did January go?  We are already a week into February so I thought I would share my January favorites!  This month brought a lot of new makeup favorites, fragrance favorites, and an overwhelming amount of  pink haha!  The items mentioned that are available online will be liked in Chloe's These are a Few of my favorite things if you are interested, and I will be uploading  a video to go along with this post on February 12th on My Youtube channel  so be sure your subscribed!  Let's get started with my favorites! 


Benefit high beam

This month I tried out a huge amount of Benefit beauty products and I must say, this highlighter is at the top of my list!  It is a liquid/cream highlighter with a shimmering pink under tone that's  gorgeous!  I use this to highlight my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose, and it gives me the prettiest natural glow!  I prefer cream highlighters over powder ones because they blend beautifully with your skin, and this one is my favorite I have came across so far!

Benefit Puff off eye gel

The runner up favorite Benefit product is their new Puff off eye gel.  I've had my share of all nighters studying for finals this month, and this product came in handy the next day with its cute little iron tip to smooth out my under eye circles!  This puff off eye gel is a bit pricey, and doesn't make all of my under eye problems disappear completely, but I used it almost everyday this month and defiantly helped ALOT with the puffiness and discoloration of my under eye area.  I did a full review of this product, so be sure to check it out if you are interested HERE

Naked 3 Palette Shades: 

Lately I have been LOVING pink toned eyeshadows, they are sweet, beautiful and delicate.  I  have been reaching for an old favor quit a bit, my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, specifically the shades (left to right, swatched bottom to top) Strange, Dust, Burnout, and Limit.  Strange is a white matte color with a pink undertone I like to wear on my brow bone.  Dust is my favorite, a light pink loose glitter shade that I pat onto the center of my eyelid.  Burnout is a shimmering rose pink that I use to darken up my light pink look.  Limit is a matte light pink that I use in the crease or all over the lid.  These all have beautiful color payoff and this palette has been a great investment in the year that I've had it. If you would like to read a full review on the Naked 3 palette click HERE

Lorac Unzipped Palette Shade:

Along with the Naked 3 palette pink shadows, I have been wearing the shade Unreal from the Lorac Unzipped palette basically everyday!  Unreal is a light pink shimmering shadow with loads of shine, I wear it all over my lid up to my brow bone to act as a base for the rest of my pink shadows.  If you would like to see a makeup tutorial with all of the pink shadows I've been wearing, be sure to watch it on my youtube channel HERE

Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush 
~Orchid hush 

I have been loving the "natural glow" look that my highlighter has been giving me and to go along with it I have been wearing this Maybelline Dream bouncy blush in the shade Orchid hush.  This product is a plum/pink cream blush with a beautiful shine.  It blends beautifully into my cheeks and gives me the perfect pink/natural glow that I love!  Defiantly a must have drugstore product! 

Maybelline Matte lipstick 
~Lust for Blush 

This matte lipstick from Maybelline is just WOW!!  It's so creamy, super matte, and the color payoff is beautiful!  Lust for blush is a dark rose shade and let me just say, it's stunning, I have gotten numerous complements on my lip color when I wear it.  It's my go to lip color at the moment and another amazing drugstore find! 


First aid Beauty Ultra repair Cream

The harsh cold days of winter are upon us, and for all the dreadful exama and dry patches that I get, the only product that I have found that makes all of my winter skin issues COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR is this First aid beauty Ultra repair Cream.  It's my holy grail winter skincare product ever since I discovered it last year!  This cream makes exama shrink and go away within days.  If you struggle with dry skin or exama this stuff works wonders, and it's not too pricey at Sephora!

Bath & Body 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Rollerball

This month I read ALOT of fashion magazines and therefor smelled a lot of fragrance samples, sooo being me I ended up buying a rollerball of my favorite, Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream.  The scent is described as "A fruity floral fragrance with a light and airy touch. Inspired by the boundless spirit of daisies and blue skies".  The key notes are Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pear, Jasmine, Lychee, and Blue Wisteria.  I would describe this scent as fresh, floral, feminine, and dreamy.  This fragrance is the PERFECT scent for me all year round and now I kind of want the full size, even though its pretty expensive. 

Velvet Sugar 

Of course, I have my Bath & Bodyworks favorite, witch at the moment is Velvet sugar!  I bought the Triple moisture body cream, Fragrance mist, and Mini shower gel, I can't get enough of this sweet and girly scent, it smells just like sugar dipped strawberries!  Velvet sugar is described as "A sweetly sumptuous blend of red velvet creme and golden plum laced with a swirl of sugars musk, pink jasmine, and wild strawberries".  This scent (and the packaging) is perfect for right around valentines day when you want to wear something sweet! 


Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure
 ~Pink pong 

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that the Sally Hanson complete salon manicure line is my absolute favorite, and ever since the holidays ended I have been reaching for the shade Pink Pong!  I would describe this shade as a muted rose, which is perfect for the winter months!  But, the main reason I gravitate towards this color is because    it matches all my pink and my beige sweaters haha! 


Paris Sweater

So, this is the sweater that I have been living through the harsh days of winter in, my light pink Paris sweater from Abercrombie that I got for Christmas!  This sweater is soooo soft, fuzzy inside, and has beautiful black beading of the Eiffel tower and paris spelled out on it. Plus its light pink, I am OBSESSED with light pink!  Basically my favorite sweater ever, it's so girly and cozy, I would recommend that if you have a similar style to me you go get yourself one! 


Pearl/gold Bracelets

Another christmas gift that I have been wearing a lot are these pearl/gold stretchy bracelets from a little shop called White Butterfly.  Pearls are my FAVORITE and I prefer gold over silver, so these are peffect for me!  I love wearing them in a stack with my gold Alex and Ani bracelets! 

Pearl Earrings 

Along with my bracelets I have been wearing these white and pearl earrings my sister got me for christmas, sadly I don't know where she got them.  They go with literally ALL of my outfits, pearls are a classic and feminine accessory!  


Style Magazines 

Recent favorite past time: reading up on all the latest fashion trends and flipping through ads in fashion magazines.  I basically bought all the style related magazines in my food store and sat there for a while flipping through the pages, for someone who is really into beauty and fashion like me this is a really fun way to keep up on all of the latest trends! (And when your done you can make some really pretty inspo boards)!

That concludes my January Favorites!  Items still available are linked in Chloe's These are a few of my Favorite things Be sure to talk to me in the comments below about any of these products / your favorites!


Pink Double Sketch Heart