Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Shadowbox DIY

In the winter and especially around the holidays it's fun to decorate your room.  In this post I am going to show you one way I decorated this season; with these sparkling, festive, winter shadow boxes!  I made a big one to sit on my dresser and a smaller one to hang on my wall.  You will learn how I created my shadow boxes so you know the basics and get some ideas of how to make and decorate your own!


* All materials were purchased from Michael's craft store   

   ~Glittery background paper 

                                                                                        ~ Shadowbox frames                                                     

~Bottom fillers (I used jingle bells and mini ornaments)

~Things to hang (I used snow flake ornaments)

             ~Other decorations (I used ribbon and  sparkling leaves) 


                                                                  ~Lose glitter

I started with the larger frame, took the back off and traced it onto a piece of glitter paper.

I cut the paper out on the line and glued it on to the frame.  I took the top inside of the shadow box and hot glued ornaments so they would dangle inside the frame and let it dry.

To give the box a frosty look I mixed different colored glitters and smeared then on the inside glass part of the box.

Then, I filled the bottom of the box with jingle bells and closed it.

To add a finishing touch I hot glued ribbon around the edge of the frame.  Below is the finished product!

Now began to work on the second, smaller shadow box.  I repeated the step with the glitter paper and after filled the bottom of the box with mini ornaments and closed it.

To give the frame a little more sparkle I took one of the bunches of glitter leaves, laid  it out on the glass part of the frame, and hot glued it down.

So I would be able to hang the frame I hot glued a ribbon in a loop to the back top of the box.  Below is the second finished product!

 Winter shadow boxes are great decorations and make a perfect holiday gift to enjoy all winter long.  Have fun creating your own! 

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