Thursday, January 26, 2017

Winter Beachside Photoshoot

Todays post is a collection of colorful photographs shot beachside that myself and Kirsten O'Brien modeled in!  All the beautiful photos are shot by Amanda Halbert from lvl5films, be sure to check out their Instagram @lvl5films & Youtube channel to see their film & photography work! 

I would describe my outfit as trendy with a "skater styled" influence  but still feminine enough to fit my brand.

  This is what my mind looks like - asbury 
Via Lvl5films

I'm wearing this light peach, button down, body suit from Forever 21.  Body suits are great for pairing with skirts and boyfriend jeans alike!  I really love the light peach color, it's a lot more fun than a simple neutral shade bringing interest to the outfit.

I paired the bodysuit with light wash, distressed, boyfriend jeans from Pacsun.  Better known as "mom jeans"; a bit baggy on the legs, slightly distressed, and most often cuffed are becoming the denim staple in any trendy, casual wear wardrobe giving off an effortlessly cool vibe.  

I got a bit artsy and embroidered the back pocket of my jeans with a song quote - "She acts like summer" from Drops of Jupiter by Train.  I just love the look of embroidered quotes on denim. 

For this look I chose a white satin ribbon to use as a belt for my denim.  The accessory of a simple white ribbon tied into a bow adds a feminine touch to my casual outfit. 

Another accessory I added to this outfit  is a pretty pearl chocker from Claire's.  I love the 90's skater look of chokers and I love how different and feminine this white pearl piece looks compared to the classic plastic black chocker.  

These floral print sneakers that I thrifted complete this outfit perfectly.  The peach, pink, and white flowers that make up the sneaker print tie my peach top and white accessory details together beautifully.  I also love the contrast of a casual sneaker with such a girly floral print adding interest to this collective look!         

I really enjoyed shooting these beachside photos!  I hope you gained some outfit inspiration from this colorful post, let me know how it has inspired you in the comments below!  Again a big thank you to Lvl5films for the shoot, your work is so creative & inspiring.  I'll talk to you all in my next post!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

90's Grunge Photoshoot

For today's post I'm sharing pictures from a 90's grunge inspired photoshoot I modeled in with Kirsten O'Brien that I shot with Amanda Halbert from lvl5films!  Be sure to check out their Instagram @lvl5films & Youtube channel to see their film & photography work!

My outfit is a bit of a girly take on the 90's Grunge style.  

90's Grunge Video

I'm wearing this ribbed knit bodycon T-shirt dress from Pacsun as a base for my look. Plain T- shirts were popular in the 90's as a staple piece in any teen's wardrobe, I love the look of wearing T- shirts as dresses.  

To add a pop of color into my outfit I raided my Dad's closet and found this oversized kelly green jean jacket.  My dad wore this jacket in 1992 so it's an actual 90's piece.   The heavy oversized jean jacket fit the grunge theme perfectly, in the 90's clothing was worn slightly oversized as a look.

For shoes I work black Timberland boots.  These boots are just so casually cool looking and fit in perfectly with the vibe of my outfit. 

To finish off my outfit with a girly touch I raided my Mom's dresser to find this floral scrunchie.   Scrunchies were such a popular hair piece in the 90's and I love the floral detailing on this one, the accents of green match my jean jacket.  

I swapped out the scrunchie with a simple grey beanie halfway through the shoot.  The ribbed knit beanie matched perfectly with my dress and added an edgy vibe to the look. 

I had alot of fun shooting this look, it was a bit different from my usual style but I really love it. I hope you all have gained some insight on how you can put together a 90's grunge inspired look! Thank you again to Lvl5films for the photos.   Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on this look & I'll see you next time!    

Welcome Back♡

Welcome back to! In 2017 I'm taking this blog and making it something new and exciting.

 I will be focusing on mainly fashion related posts so look forward to lots of style inspiration, shoots, and lookbooks.  Other topics I will blog about include makeup inspiration posts, DIY ideas and cute random travel diaries because I love sharing and writing about places I've been. 

 I hope you all are looking forward to my new content in 2017.  Make sure you are subscribed to this blog by email as well as my youtube channel to stay up to date! 

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