Sunday, January 11, 2015

Benefit NEW Puff off Eye Gel Review & They're Real Mascara

Welcome to my First post of 2015!  I can already tell this blogging year is off to a good start because I have some new products to talk about in this post!  Over my winter beak I was out in a different town with my family and I came across a Benefit Beauty store!  I was super excited because I had never seen one before, so of course I went in and picked up a few things to try! 

I ended up buying the BRAND NEW Benefit Puff off eye gel to review for you all, as well as the mini They're Real mascara and a few samples they threw in there!  I hope this review gives you some insight of these products and helps you while cosmetics shopping, and as for the Benefit store: 10/10 the place was beautifully decorated and the workers were delightful! 

Benefit Puff off Eye Gel 

When I saw the brand new Puff off eye gel from Benefit I knew I had to give it a go, as someone who wakes up super early for school and goes to bed pretty late ( because of the pull of the internet ) some days the puffiness and discoloration under my eyes can become an issue.  This product claims to "smooth the look of under eye puffies & fine lines" and "cool on contact".  Also, lets applaud the packaging, because when I first went to use the Puff off gel I noticed how cute the little tip was, it looks like an iron board, to flatten out puffy eyes haha! 

I applied the gel right under my eyes and watched to see results.  It definitely cooled on contact and I could see that the area right under my eyes was less puffy and a bit of the discoloration went away as well.  It wasn't a drastic change, but it was definitely better than before.  I would give this product an 8/10 because it did do everything it promised, I could see a difference in my under eye area, the product really did help, but the results were not over the top magically amazing. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara

The other product I bought at Benefit is their They're Real mascara, I've heard so much about this product I needed to give it a try.  The brush is plastic, with out a curve, and is made up of  tiny plastic spikes with a ring of bigger plastic spikes at the tip of the brush.  When I put the mascara on I noticed (the hard way) that if I wasn't careful the bigger spikes would poke me in the eye, but other then that the mascara was easy to apply!

  It spread out my lashes nicely while still giving them a fuller look with out any clumps!  The only complaint I would say is that it didn't lengthen my lashes as long as I like, but you can't have it all, haha.  I would give this mascara a 9/10.  It's up there, right behind my Maybelline Falsies and Dior Over Curl, an over all great mascara, just got to be careful it doesn't poke me in the eye!

Some samples: Which should I review?

Benefit also gave me some free samples of their Stay Flawless primer, Oxygen Wow foundation, Porefessional powder, and Hello Flawless powder!  My question is: which, if any, would you like me write about in a future post? Leave a comment below!

I hope you enjoyed the post!  Be sure to tell me about your experiences with the products in the comments below! Get the conversation started, see you soon! 

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