Monday, May 26, 2014

Beautycon NYC 2014

As most of you may know, this weekend I attended Beautycon in New York City, and IT WAS AMAZING!  This was my first Beauty/Fashion/Youtube/Blogger convention and I was wowed!  Today I'm going to share with you my experience at Beautycon.  I have a bunch of pictures and I did some vlogging too!  So, hope you enjoy me bringing a bit of Beautycon to all of you through this post and vlog!

Here's My Beautycon 2014 Vlog! You may see some familiar faces…. 

Beautycon Experience 

When I first walked into the big building that Beautycon was being held in I saw this cute sign over head with the Beautycon NYC logo.  

Then, when I entered the building there was a pink carpet, so of course I had to take an outfit picture! 

Beautycon OOTD:

Dress~  Abercrombie & Fitch
I adore the beautiful floral print on the dress, and the pretty colors are perfect for spring

Necklace~ Lia Sophia
Pearls are my favorite accessory while dressing up, they make me feel pretty and polished

Heels~ Payless
I really like the shiny material of these white heels, and they are also the perfect height for me to walk in without tripping

( Clothing items still available will be up in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things shortly)  

I started walking around and saw this really cute and slightly out there shop with stuff that you would see on Instagram.  In the pictures above, you can see bikinis next to giant food statues and if you look close you see why; the top one has a donut print and the second one has a hamburger print, not something you see everyday. 

There was also things like jelly shoes, shiny skirts, and bunny ear head wraps at the shop, and I decided to buy one of the head wraps.  Of course I got the color pink!  This head wrap is super cute and I'm going to wear it with one of my pink floral skirts. 

At beautycon there was ALOT of my favorite Youtubers walking around, so I got to take selfies and chat with a bunch of them! 

Adelaine was walking around holding her big camera and I went up to her and we took some pretty funny selfles!  She is so bubbly and beautiful and had a huge smile on her face the whole time, I just love her dimples! 

I saw Dani and she is super sweet and really beautiful!  She kept saying how happy she was to meet me and I gave her sooo many hugs!

Then I met Meg who is really pretty! We started talking and she said that she actually wanted to name one of her kids Chloe but her sister called the name already, so I thought that was funny!

They were also holding discussion panels with well known people in the industry,  so I decided to watch for a little bit.

Whitney Port talked about how hard work pays off, in her case with her clothing line.  Also, she said how she makes sure to be personable and thankful to her buyers and people who support her.

Dulce Candy talked about loving and being confidant in yourself.  She said how people would always comment on her height, and she learned to love being on the shorter side and ignore the haters. 

Youtubers were also holding some meet ups that I went to!

Niki and Gabi are super gorgeous and have perfect taste, I am in love with both of their outfits!  They are also super sweet and smily too! 

I was really excited to meet Fleur because I have been watching her for over a year now!  She is so beautiful and personable.  We talked talked for a while, and the camera guy even asked if we were related or knew each other from before!  

Kandee, let me just say is the most happy, inspiring, fun person out there!  She had a beautiful, huge smile on her face when she saw me and we took some silly pictures!  I admire her style and had a lot of fun with her!

Crown brushes were there and I purchased their purple brush set because they seemed like pretty good quality for such a cheap price!  And I  have to admit was drawn to the purple coloring!

By the end of Beautycon I made out pretty well in free stuff! 

Heres what I got:

~4 Revlon mascaras

~2 Revlon pencil liners

~2 Revlon liquid liners

~ 3 Maybelline color elixers 

~2 Bare minerals foundations 

~ A tote bag

~ Sunglasses 

~Uberless shampoo

~Uberless conditioner  

~Uberless hair serum   

I had a SUPER fun time at Beautycon NYC 2014 meeting some of my favorite Youtubers, listening to the panels, shopping, and of course getting all of the free products!!  I hope you liked me sharing my wonderful experience with all of you! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pinterest Wednesday~ Prom Hair

Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first post of my new series, Pinterest Wednesday!  Now, on most Wednesdays I will be posting a Youtube video and blogpost for all of you inspired by things I see on Pinterest, because I spend wayyy to much time on that website!  So be expecting Pinterest inspired Outfits, DIYs, Tutorials, and more on Pinterest Wednesdays!

Since it's Prom season, I decided to show you all a Prom hair idea, inspired by this pin right  below that I pinned onto my "Pretty hair" board.  In this youtube video I show you a tutorial on how to recreate this big, curly, beautiful hairstyle, and in this blogpost I talk a little more about the look! Enjoy! 

Right here is my "Pinsperation" as one may say, for this look.  I chose this pin because I fell in love with all the volume in this girls hair, along with her beautiful peacy curls, and romantic swept bands.  To me this is a perfect Prom hairstyle because it makes a statement, and achieves a gorgeous jaw dropping effect when worn with a beautiful formal dress, just like in the pin.

Now, here is the video Tutorial, where I show you step by step how to recreate this gorgeous Prom hairstyle! 

As you just saw, this hairstyle does not take a lot of skill.  It's just teasing, curling, and styling with hairspray.  You just need some time and patience and you are sure to succeed!

 Quick tips to use while creating this look 

~ TEASE, TEASE, TEASE: The more sections you tease the bigger your hair will get.

~Curl small sections: This way your hair will become bouncy and have lots of body. 

~Make sure to hold your curls for only AT THE LONGEST 40 seconds: With all the hair spray in your hair you don't want burnt curls! 

~ Use ALOT of hairspray: Spray your hair after every curl and every section teased so that the look will stay all day/night. 

~Be sure to comb through and/or shake out your hair after you finish curling and teasing: This way your curls will turn out long and loose and not look crazy curly!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and now will be able to recreate this big, curly, beautiful, Pinterest inspired Prom hairstyle!  Be sure to follow my Pinterest: Beautyybychloe and the "Pinterest Wednesday" board to see what Pins I may post and do a video on next!  Also, I will be at Beautycon NYC on May 24th so let me know if you are going too!  

Monday, May 19, 2014

❀May Outfit Of The Day and Outfit Tips❀

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a beautiful day!  Lately the weather near me has been gorgeous, so I have got the chance to wear some of my floral spring clothing, yay!  This outfit that I am going to show you is one of my absolute favorite!  I have some pictures, a video, outfit tips, and of course some insight on how I like to dress for beautiful days in may!


I hope you enjoyed the video, just the perfect outfit to go prancing in a field of flowers as I would say! 


First off I must say, this dress fits me like a glove.  It is made of a stretchable cotton material in a skater cut, sintching in at the waist and flaring out.  It cuts off a bit above my knees, has short sleeves, and has a pretty criss cross cutout in the back that you can see in the video.  Just the structure of the dress alone makes it perfect, but then with the spring floral print added on top of all that, this dress has become a staple in my wardrobe, and I am obsessed!!! Floral print is my absolute favorite for spring, it makes me really happy when I wear it, so this dress is perfect! I have worn it out to lunch, to school, to go shopping, this is basically a dress for any daily occasion! 

If this dress was still available online I would leave you the link, but sadly it is not.  I do know that I bought this dress from Pacsun, so if you want to got to the store or look for a similar dress I hope that will help!  

Tip for you

For spring I would defiantly recommend finding a dress like this; that fits YOU perfectly and has a pattern you love because it is great to have a  comfortable, easy to style, fits any occasion, dress that you can just slip on and feel beautiful whenever!

Floral Crown 

Lately I have been in love with these floral crowns for the spring, they add a pretty garden look to an outfit witch I love!  This one I am wearing is made of a wire material and has pink roses all over it, so it matches the pink flowers on the dress nicely! 

I bought this floral crown with a couple others at the store Claire's and the link to it is here, in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Tip for you 

Experiment with hair accessories such as floral crowns or bows, or headbands this spring.  They will add some fun into your outfits, and you can get them to fit your style too! 


I really love these shiny nude flats that I am wearing in this outfit!  They literally go with everything and make this outfit look cute and polished!  I wear these mostly in the spring and fall with all of my skirts, dresses, jeans, and leggings.  Plus, they are super comfortable to walk around in so my feet never get blisters. 

I bought these shoes from Payless and they are the Dr. Scholl's brand, you can see them here; in Chloe's These are a Few of my Favorite Things  

Tip for you 

Find your go to shoe for the spring, whether it's a pair of sandals, flats, or wedges, a comfortable shoe that compliments your style nicely while giving off that spring vibe!

Overall this outfit expresses my spring style perfectly; girly and fun but still cute and polished.  Oh, and lots of flowers for sure! I hope you all enjoyed this post and video!  

NEW Schedule and Series 

Now, I just started a schedule for all of my blogposts since its getting closer to summer and I want to make more time to do things I love such as blogging!  So, I will be posting a Blogpost every MONDAY to go along with a video I upload on Sunday.  Then, I will be posting a lone blogpost every FRIDAY, and sometimes a Pinterest Wednesday post on WEDNESDAYs, which is a post and video on inspiration I find on Pinterest.  This would include a DIY I recreate or a hair tutorial based on a Pinterest look.  I will be creating a Pinterest board also to go along with this series, so make sure to follow me on Pinterest too, HERE and send me pins or leave me comments on what you want to see on Pinterest Wednesdays!  For my Youtube I also am starting a schedule of videos every SUNDAY and on WEDNESDAYs short videos, or Pinterest Wednesdays.  So be sure to Subscribe to me HERE, for lots of new videos!

I hope you all are as excited as I am for the new schedule and series that I am starting, so be expecting a lot more blogposts and videos in the future!  Also, I am going to be at Beautycon NYC on May 24th so tell me in the comments if you are going too, because I would love to meet any readers there! I hope you have an amazing day! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger award & This or That Tag

Hi everyone!  So in the past two months I have received TWO nominations for the Very inspiring blogger award, AND have been tagged to do the This or That Tag.  Very, very exciting!  I am so thankful to the lovely bloggers who have nominated me for the very inspiring blogger award; Laura and Marina.  Be sure to check out their blogs by clicking on their names!  Also, a big thank you to Mckenzie who tagged me in the This or That Tag, check out her blog also by clicking on her name!  Keep reading to see me complete both sets of questions, and find out who I tag and nominate! Also, look for a VERY EXCITING announcement at the end of this post!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award 

For this award I have to list seven random facts about myself, so here it goes! 

1) I have been living completely gluten and wheat free since I was eight years old because of massive stomach issues.  It was annoying at first, but now I enjoy coming up with new gluten and wheat free recipes, such as gluten free pasta dishes and crazy desserts!  If you're interested see my recipe for Gluten Free Dairy Free French Toast Cupcakes.

2) If I could live in any other time period besides this one, it would be hands down the 1920s.  I just love all the glamorous dresses, beautiful makeup, and the "Flapper" look.  Also, Coco Channel was just starting in the 20s and she is one of my greatest idols for her work in the fashion design industry. 

3) Another one of my idols is Nikki Phillippi, she is a beauty guru on youtube, I love her style, her bubbly personality, her weird but hilarious humor, and her determination in following her heart.  If you don't know who she is you should definitely check out her channel: Nikkiphillippi 

4) I have only been wearing a full face of makeup for about a year now, prior to that I was only wearing concealer and mascara.  I still have a lot to learn about makeup but I am enjoying it every step of the way!

5) Summer is my absolute favorite season!  I love really hot days at the beach laying in the sand.  Another thing that I love about the summer is the fashion, summer style is my favorite. Oh, and I can't forget my birthday, which is in July!

6)  Shopping is literally my FAVORITE activity.  I spend 12 hours at a time at my local mall buying and window shopping, its an obsession! I just get so excited when I get something new, I get really, really crazy!  I just did a haul from one of my latest shopping trips and it was gigantic! If you want to see it, the blogpost is titled: Spring Break Haul & Giveaway.

7) I love to play tennis, I have been playing since I was around four with my dad and started lessons when I was 12.  Also, this year, which was my Freshman year in High school I played for the school's team as JV First Doubles.  I'm really excited to start tennis back up in the fall again next year!

This or That Tag 

For this tag each sub heading will have two choices and I will choose which I like best! 


Blush or Bronzer
Bronzer, I love a good contour 

Lipgloss or Lipstick 
Lipstick, pinks are my favorite 

Eye liner or Mascara 

Foundation or Concealer
Concealer, always an essential 

Neutral or colored eyeshadow 

Brushes or Sponges 


OPI or China Glaze
I don't use either, my favorite brand is Sally Hanson

Long or Short

Natural or Acrylic
Natural, Acrylic ruins nails

Brights or Pastels 
Pastels of course

Flower or no Flower
 Flower, it looks so pretty 


Perfume or Body splash
Body splash 

Lotion or Body butter 
Body butter, especially in the winter

Body wash or Soap 
Body wash

Lush or other Bath company 
Bath and Body works, I get everything from there


Jeans or Sweatpants
Jeans, I only wear sweatpants at home

Long sleeves or short 
Short sleeves

Skirts or Dresses
Dresses, even though I own more skirts 

Stripes or Plaid

Flip flops or Sandals
Sandals, they are more dressed up 

Scarfs or Hats 
Infinity scarves in the winter 

Studs or other Earrings 

Necklaces or Bracelets

Heels or Flats 
Heels, I love how my feet look in them 

Cowboy or Riding boots 
I don't wear either

Jacket or Hoodie
Hoodie, I have like a million from Aeropostale and Hollister

Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 
Charlotte Russe 

Abercrombie or Hollister 
Lately Hollister

Sacks 5th or Nordstrom


Curly or Straight

Bun or Pony tail 
Pony tail

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips 
Bobby pins

Hairspray or Hair gel
I literally carry around a mini bottle of Hair spray in my purse

Long or short 

Light or Dark 

Side swept or full bangs
Side swept bangs

Down or up 


Rain or Shine
Shine, rain makes me sad

Summer or Winter 
Summer, I love really hot weather 

Fall or Spring 

Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate, Peanut butter cups are my favorite 

East coast or West coast 
East coast 

Nominations and Bloggers I Tag Info

These bloggers I nominate for the very inspiring blogger award, and tag to do the This or That Tag.  They must list seven random facts about themselves and then answer the This or That questions.  Then, tag others to do the same.  Also, be sure to mention me in the post!


I hope everyone enjoyed reading this and learning a bit more about me in the process.  Once again I am very thankful to the bloggers that nominated and tagged me!  Also, one of these pictures in this post is a little sneak preview of my next post, can you guess which picture it is?  You'll see soon enough!


I'm going to be at Beautycon NYC on May 24th!  I've never been before and I am super excited!  Any Bloggers or Youtubers who have been before leave a comment below or Tweet me @beautyybychloe because I really would like to know what to expect!  Anyone who is going this year, tell me in the comments or Tweet me @beautyybychloe because I would love to meet you!    

And don't forget to enter my Giveaway which I will be announcing on May 17th!  Until next time!





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