Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Autumn Girly/Shabby Chic DIY Decor

As you all may know by now I love decorating for the different seasons, so today I'm going to show you decorations I DIYed for this Autumn!  All these DIYs are super easy and have a girly twist, because....well...I love everything girly!  St the end are also two videos I made that go along with this blogpost if your interested. So, lets get crafting!

Glass Pumpkin 


~Tiny glass Bowl 

~Tool or ribbon (Pumpkin color of your choice)

~Ball Christmas Ornament (Pumpkin stem color of your choice)

~Hot glue


~Fill Bowl (Pumpkin) with tool or ribbon 

~Turn bowl upside down

~Remove metal part from the christmas ornament so it lays flat

~Hot glue christmas ornament to the flat side of the pumpkin (facing up) 

I chose to make my glass pumpkin white to match the theme of my room.  This Glass pumpkin is a chic twist on the classic orange pumpkin and is super easy to create using things you probably have laying around your house!

Glitter Pumpkin 



~Glitter (Autumn Colors) 



~Add spots of glue onto your pumpkin in a desired design

~Pour glitter mix onto where the glue is 

~Let dry

This glitter pumpkin is so adorable & girly (I lovvvee glitter)! I made poke dots on my pumpkin but you can also make stripes or any other design.

Ribbon Pumpkin



~Ribbon of your choice


~Tie your ribbon to the stem of your pumpkin

~Sit back and be happy because this DIY took you less than a minute to do 

This ribbon pumpkin is the simplest way to decorate your pumpkin, super cute and very customizable.  You can use all sorts of ribbon too! 

Glitter Leaf Garland


~Glitter (I chose Gold)


~Fake leaves 

~Ribbon (I chose baby pink)

~Hot Glue 


~Paint all or some  of your leaves completely with glue 

~Cover glued leaves in glitter 

~Let dry

~Create a pattern with glitter and non glitter leaves 

~Hot glue each leaf to a strip of ribbon

~Hot glue each ribbon to a long strip of ribbon following  your leaf pattern 

This leaf garland is the perfect girly autumn decoration.  The gold sparkle leaves are so beautiful!  The sparkles paired with the pink ribbon fits perfectly into the theme of my room, adding a shabby chic autumn touch for the season.

Lace vase 



~Lace/lace ribbon

~Hot glue 

~Autumn arrangement of flowers 


~Hot glue lace/ribbon to the vase

~Add your flower arrangement into the vase

This lace vase is such an adorable shabby chic decor piece!  I used an arrangement of pink and off white flowers creating a vintage autumn vibe to add to my room.


Autumn / Fall DIY Girly Room Decor & Inspiration 

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I hope this post inspired you to add girly/vintage/shabby chic/ DIY autumn touches to your bedroom/home.  Comment the ideas you are most likely to try.  
See you soon!


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