Sunday, October 11, 2015

Designer Fashion Inspiration for A/W #FFAWDressup

Style up your Designer Dress for AW

A/W Fashion Inspiration

As the Autumn and Winter seasons approach I find my self switching up my wardrobe.  It's time for stockings, cardigans, coats, boots, sweaters, and layers upon layers of clothing.  To get inspiration for my wardrobe I find myself looking through high end fashion magazines and websites, pulling inspiration from big name designers.  Today I am sharing a look that I put together using all designer clothing for inspiration.  

As you may already know based on my blog, I basically live in dresses and that goes for the cold seasons as well.  Through this post I am showing you how I would style a designer dress from using other pieces from the website the Autumn and Winter seasons!

 The Dress 

This short sleeved pink knit dress by Giambattista Valli is what I chose as the focal point of my outfit. Knit wear is perfect for the A/W seasons keeping you warm and  stylish at the same time.  The warm pastel pink shade gives this dress a feminine appearance.  I adore the classic A-line cut and the pleating in the skirt giving the dress a polished look. This dress is seasonally appropriate because of the knit fabric.  The feminine and polished elements make this dress a perfect focal point of the outfit.


Since the Autumn and Winter seasons are quite cold layering is a must for this outfit.  I started by choosing a warm jacket to wear over this dress that added interest to the outfit.  I went with this FAUX fur jacket by Comme Des Garcons.  The faux fur adds texture and visual interest to the plain dress as well as providing warmth for the cold seasons.  The black color also keeps the faux fur jacket subtle so your eyes will go straight to the pastel dress peaking through.  

Of course I then added a pair of tights, these are by Rick Owens and have a knit/ribbed texture to them.  They add another subtle texture to the outfit while keeping your legs warm.  

Then for shoes I decided to go with these adorable black booties by Stella McCartney.  I love the soft textured design on the booties as well as the little heel.  These shoes add a playful, but still fashionable element to the outfit, and let face it black booties are an essential to any A/W outfit. 


For accessories I began by adding this quilted heart shaped bag by Stella McCartney.  The Heart shape is adorable and fun but stays chic with its black color. 

 I then added lots of pearls, they are my favorite form of jewelry and add a classic and feminine touch to every outfit. I chose this double strand pearl necklace by Stella McCartney as well as a pearl & gold ear cuff by Delfina Delettrez.  The ear cuff is a trendy piece to add to the outfit and matched with the double strand of pearls creating the perfect jewelry set for this look. 


This outfit is classic and feminine due to it's neutral/soft colors,  polished cuts, and timeless design elements.  The look also demonstrates a fun and fashion forward look through mixing various textures and patterns while still achieving a stylized ensemble.  This outfit is the perfect inspiration for my Autumn/Fall wardrobe.  I will be pulling elements from this look to include in my outfits such as the simple color palette paired with interesting textures and patterns.

I hope you enjoyed reading on how I styled my designer dress from for the Autumn/Winter season.  Be sure to browse throughout their website to see more fashionable pieces for the upcoming A/W seasons. Also use the hashtag #FFAWDressup to see how other bloggers styled their designer dresses!  See you in my next post.


  1. Chloe, your posts never seem to disapointment. I've been absent from the blogging world lately, did you get a new blog design? I'm obsessed with it! Lovely post! Will definitely take these tips into consideration when I'm getting ready in the morning! xoxo

    1. I'm so happy you enjoyed the post & Yes I did have my blog redesigned :) welcome back to blogging as well!


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