Saturday, November 14, 2015

Styling Plum for Autumn

Recently I have been gravitating towards plum / lilac / burgundy shades while picking my accessories and beauty products.  These shades remind me of royalty and mystery adding a dark element to my fall wardrobe and beauty routine.  Today I'm going to talk about my favorite products / pieces in these beautiful purple shades as well as how I incorporate them into my style for this autumn season!


I have been loving incorporating plum shades in to my eyeshadow looks these season.  There's something so beautiful and majestic about a purple toned smokey eye.

I have been using mainly shadows from the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette and Tarte's naturalEYEs volume IV palette for my eyeshadow looks.

The shade I reach for in the purple range for the Too Faced chocolate bar palette is Candied Violet.  This shadow's base is a dark violet, almost black, color with chunks of light purple / pink glitter throughout.  The shadow blends out beautifully leaving you with a dark violet shimmer effect that is perfect for the outer corner of your eye to smoke out a glittering eye look.  

Candied Violet pairs nicely with the shade above it; Black forest truffle.  Black forest truffle is an almost black shadow with a dark maroon tint due to its chunks of red toned glitter.  It looks beautiful smoking out a purple toned shadow.

Tarte naturalEYES IV palette has three different purple shades that I reach for while creating a purple/ plum toned eyeshadow look.  The first shadow is called Lilac (2nd from left bottom row), a lilac  shimmer shade that is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.  Using this lilac shimmer shade on the inner corners of my eyes opposed to a white shimmer is a nice change of pace, even if I'm not creating a purple eye look it ads a beautiful pop of lilac shimmer that gives interest to my eye look. 

 The shade from this palette I use as a base for my purple shadow looks is Orchid (2nd from right top row).  A matt violet / pink toned shadow.  It's light, warm toned, violet / pink pigment is perfect for layering with auburn, violet, and plum shadows.

Plum (all the way to the right bottom row), is my favorite purple toned shade from both pallets.  It's a plum toned shimmer  shadow with an auburn undertone.  Such a rich beautiful color that I love to blend into the crease of my eyes to darken up a look.  Or this shadow is perfect to use all over the lids if I'm feeling a smokey look that day.  To me it's the perfect plum eyeshadow for autumn.

Lastly, a shade I often pair with my purple shadows is Steel (2nd from right bottom row).  This is a copper / grey toned shadow with a slight glimmer of gold.  It adds a deep shimmer tone to my plum eyeshadow looks and is the perfect shade to smudge under the lash line for a smokey effect. 

A nail shade that I have been wearing often is 505 Clean Slate by Sally Hansen from their complete salon manicure line.  This is a  dark plum / purple polish with a grey undertone.  Such a unique shade that creates a focus when worn with black clothing or blends an outfit together nicely when worn with deep colored clothing for autumn.


Lately I have been wearing this stunning plum necklace by Swarovski called the "stardust necklace".  It's a nylon fishnet "tube" filled with sparkling plum crystals.  The perfect piece to glam up any outfit, it reminds me of the glimmering night sky.

A scarf is always needed for those brisk autumn days.  My pick is, of course, a plum scarf from Target.  I paired it with a cream dress and knee high black boots to make it the centerpiece of my outfit.

All the items  mentioned will be linked HERE so you can check them out online if you like!  I hope post this gave you some inspiration to find a favorite color of yours and incorporate it into your style more often.  I'll see you soon for the last bit of autumn posts before the holiday season!


  1. I wish we had tarte over here! I've always wanted to try Chocolate bar!

    Corinne x

    1. Yes tarte is so amazing! And I was lusting after the chocolate bar for like two years haha I got it maybe in September! Beautiful shades and the scent is so goood. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. love this! I really want the chocolate bar palette!


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