Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pool Party☀Hair Makeup Outfit

In the summer there are a lot  lot of opportunities for days at the pool, and I actually went to a pool party recently!  Today I am going to show you the waterproof makeup look I wore to the party along with my hair, poolside outfit, and bathing suit!  I also made a video on this whole look, plus a vlog of the pool party with some of my friend's bathing suit and pool side outfit ideas too! That video is right below!  Hopefully this blogpost and video will help you while trying to decide what to ware poolside this summer.



During the summer my makeup is adjusted so that it will not melt right off my face in warm weather or while by or in water.  So today I am going to show you my poolside makeup look that is light, simple, and waterproof!

To begin I combined the L'oreal magic Nude liquid powder foundation in the shade 314 Creamy Natural and the Bare Minerals Pure Brightening serum foundation in the shade 08 Bare Beige.  I like this combination because it is light and water based but sill gives me a good amount of coverage.   

Next I grabbed my NYX stick waterproof concealer to put underneath my eyes.  And since it is waterproof, it won't come off when I go in the pool!

To warm up my face and give me a bit of a tan ( Because I don't really have one right now), I used my Physicians Formula Bronze Boost Bronzer in shad Medium to Dark.  I like this Bronzer because it is mostly matte but it also has just a tiny bit of golden shimmer. 

Since I am not doing much with my eyes in fear of those horrid black circles from eyeliner or mascara, I decided to go with a light, neutral eyeshadow.  I used this one from Maybelline in the shade 158 Linen. 

For lips I used my Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline.  It has a great color pay off and is moisturizing at the same time! 

To make sure I smell good at the pool I sprayed on this Bath and body works body spray in the scent Golden Magnolia Sun.  I love these body sprays, and this scent is light, floral, and reminds me of the summer sun. 

To finish off my makeup, and make sure it stays while poolside, I sprayed on my NYX matte finish spray.  It does a really good job of making sure my makeup does not melt off my face. 


For my hair I took the top portion and put it in a pony tail midway on my head.  This hairstyle is cute and has that Arianna Grande look to it.  It keeps my hair from falling in my face while in the pool which makes it functional too! 


For my pool side outfit I kept it casual but super girly.  My tank top from Aeropostale is a pretty shade of light pink and has a beach scene sequin heart on it.  It also has two twisted cut outs in the back which are great while poolside so you can show off your bathing suit top!  My shorts from Hollister are distressed light wash.  They really give that relaxed summer vibe to the outfit! 

My favorite part of this outfit has to be these heart shaped sunglasses form Charlotte Russe, They are adorable!!  I basically looked all over the mall for a pair like this and finally found them!  This pair of sunglasses also has the prettiest gold and pink coloring to them too!  These are my number one poolside essential.  

For my Bathing suit I wore this super girly mix and match one from Hollister.  The top is a beautiful sea foam green color that reminds me of the ocean.  It also is covered in lace and has a cute ruffle in the front.  The bottoms are a pretty pink color and have a beachy floral print on them.  I also like how they are synched at the sides, it makes them look super cute!  

While poolside cute flip flops are always an essential.  I wore these blue floral printed ones from Aeropostale.  I love the baby blue color and of course floral print is always a favorite!

I hope you enjoyed this super girly pool party hair makeup and outfit post.   Now you have an idea of what to ware when you go to one!  All of the products mentioned if still available will be linked in Chloe's These are a few of my Favorite Things if you are interested.  I hope you are all having a great summer!



  1. You look so cute! I love the flip flops!!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  2. Haha yes Gotta have that finishing spray :)

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