Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Jolly Blogger Award

Yay! The Holiday season is upon us and recently I have been awarded the Jolly Blogger Award by from the beautiful author of The Words of Beauty Blog! I commend her for making up this Christmas themed award to share with the beauty blogger community, her post is linked HERE All the Bloggers I award will be listed below!  If you post this award be sure to answer all the questions and link back to the blogger who awarded you, happy blogging!

Bloggers I tag 

Jolly Blogger Questions & Answers

1. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
open all my gifts on Christmas Day, from my parents and relatives.  But, on Christmas Eve my sister and I each get to open one gift from our parents. 

2. Favorite Christmas Song?
My favorite Christmas song right now is Santa Tell me by Ariana Grande. It's so sweet and christmasy ( if that's a word ) I just love it! I also really like Christmas in the Sand by Colbie Callet.  I wish I could spend Christmas at the beach, I'm not a fan of frost! 

Santa Tell me

Christmas in the sand

3. Favorite Christmas/holiday Movie?
Every year starting when I was about 7 I always watch "The year with out a Santa Clause", so I'd say it's my favorite holiday movie.  To this day I still love it and sing along to the songs haha!

4. Favorite Christmas decoration?
My favorite Christmas decoration is defiantly the lights, they are so pretty and light up a room beautifully! I keep some of mine up year round. When people go all out with the lights outside their house it looks so festive! I just love driving by houses in December to see all the lights. 

5. Favorite Christmas Food?
Homemade mash potatoes and cranberry sauce, basically my meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't put into words how much I love this combination, defiantly my favorite holiday food!

6. Favorite Holiday/winter drink?
My favorite holiday drink is of course from Starbucks; The Salted Carmel Mocha Frappe (With soy milk so I don't get a stomach ache).  Yes, most people like warm drinks in the winter, but me, I prefer Frappes.  The Salted Carmel Mocha Frappe is absolutely delicious and I lovveee the carmel chocolate combination!  

7. Snow or no snow?
I like a bit of snow, only enough to cover the grass, other wise its too much!  I'm a warm weather kind of person and unfortunately the winters in New Jersey are brutal. 

8. Do you send out cards or no cards?
My family sends out cards every year, either including a picture of my sister and I, or of the whole family (sometimes including the dog too).

9. Do you secretly still believe in Santa Clause?
I would say that I believe in the magic that thought of Santa brings to the Holiday season, how excited it makes all the children.  I remember the holidays I would get so excited to see Santa, it was fun and magical to believe.
10. Your favorite winter clothing item?
Hands down my pink Uggs! They are so soft, cozy, and match my girly style exactly!  I've had them for four years now and they still remain my most prized, loved, and worn winter clothing idem. 

11. One beauty product that you cannot be without this winter? 
My First aid Beauty Ultra repair cream  is my holy grail winter product!  It saves me from the dreaded dry skin and Exama that likes to show up in cold winter weather. 

12. Best Christmas Memory?
I have so many Christmas memories that I love, but I'll share one from when I was pretty young.  My whole family would always purchase these santa shaped ginger bread cookies and on christmas eve we would decorate them together with squirting icing and M&Ms.  I look back and remember how much fun it was to decorate these cookies and how much of a mess my sister and I made! 

Thats all the Questions for this Award!  I hope you enjoyed reading, and even if I didn't tag you I would still love to read more posts on these questions, so let me know if you do it!  Also, be sure to stop by my Youtube channel and catch up on all the Holiday videos I've been posting!


  1. awe :) thank you so much for tagging sweetie! I will do mine on weekend ! :) I wish we had snow here in our country! I'm glad I have read your Jolly answers :) I'm excited to do mine! Thanks again for tagging dear!

  2. So excited to read your Answers! And I am so happy you enjoyed reading mine :)

  3. Blogged about it already! :) thanx again dear!

  4. really want to try the first aid beauty cream!

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