Sunday, October 12, 2014

✽Fall Lookbook 2014✽

October has just begun, and with the change in weather comes a change of clothing as well.  It is now officially time to break out my long cardigans, loose dresses, and laced boots!  Since every season my style has a slight change, I put together this Fall 2014 lookbook with three of my go to fall outfits, and a video to go along with it!  The video also has three extra outfits from my friend Zoe as well, so you can get fall outfit inspiration from both of us!  Enjoy!



This first outfit has a bit of a bohemian vibe to it and is super comfy at the same time!  The flowy dress from Brandy Mellville is SUPER comfortable, light weight, and perfect for layering.  I also love that the dress is a deep maroon color because maroon is my favorite color to wear this season!  Under the dress I am just wearing a plain white tank top from Aeropostale because obviously when Brandy Melville says "Ones size fits all" they don't think about us girls that are five feet tall, but thats ok because I this the tank top looks nice with the dress.  What gives this outfit it's bohemian touch is this  long and loose, beige, laced cardigan also from Brandy Melville.  I have a lot of fun twirling around in this beautiful cardigan with floral lace detailing, and it makes me feel like a bohemian princess whenever I wear it!

This second outfit has a vintage casual look to it because of the light neutral color palette  and tiny vintage floral print in the dress.  I am actually wearing two dresses, because layering for the fall time is my absolute favorite!  The top dress is a cream colored long sleeved shift dress from Brandy Mellville.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with this dress because the material it is so soft and cozy and I feel like I am wearing a blanket NO JOKE!  Plus, the simplicity of the dress makes it possible for you to wear in many different ways.  The dress I layered under the first one is from American Eagle and has tiny vintage floral print all over it consisting of neutral colors.  This dress gives the outfit a pop of pattern and a shabby chic feel to it! 

This last outfit is what I would call a classic fall look; with the combat boots, knee high socks, and cardigan.  The cream colored cardigan I am wearing is from Aeropostale and it has the cutest little pockets on the sides of it.  It is the perfect cardigan to throw over any fall outfit when it gets cold.  Under the cardigan I am wearing a thick strapped cream tank top from Aeropostale.  I decided that I would keep the top simple so the focus of my outfit would be the skirt.  This fall colored floral skirt from Brandy Mellville is simply beautiful.  As you all know by now I LOVE floral print and this skirt is a perfect way to sneak it into my fall wardrobe.  Since it gets a little cold in the fall time I decided to add some maroon knee high socks from Target to this outfit.  They have the cutest buttons on the sides and the color matches the skirt quite nicely.  To finish off my classic fall outfit I wore these Steve Madden  grayish brownish combat boots.  Laced up combat boots are classic fall time attire, so they are the perfect shoes to complete this look!

I hope this lookbook gave you some inspiration on what to wear this fall!  Be sure to leave me a comment down below telling me what outfit is your favorite, and if your going pumpkin picking soon, because it's a lot of fun!


  1. The white dress casual look is sooo flawless. You're so beautiful! ♥️ Thanks for sharing!

    CAY |

  2. Lovely lookbook! You look exactly like Snow White among those apple trees :) Followed via gfc #55, hope you can follow back. xx Maja

  3. Thank you Maja :) This comment makes me smile and Yes I followed back! Lovely blog!

  4. Your style is cute and on point as always! Brandy Melville is amazing :) Great post/video xx

  5. Awwe thank you!! and Yes I'm OBSESSED with Brandy Mellville :)


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