Monday, May 12, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger award & This or That Tag

Hi everyone!  So in the past two months I have received TWO nominations for the Very inspiring blogger award, AND have been tagged to do the This or That Tag.  Very, very exciting!  I am so thankful to the lovely bloggers who have nominated me for the very inspiring blogger award; Laura and Marina.  Be sure to check out their blogs by clicking on their names!  Also, a big thank you to Mckenzie who tagged me in the This or That Tag, check out her blog also by clicking on her name!  Keep reading to see me complete both sets of questions, and find out who I tag and nominate! Also, look for a VERY EXCITING announcement at the end of this post!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award 

For this award I have to list seven random facts about myself, so here it goes! 

1) I have been living completely gluten and wheat free since I was eight years old because of massive stomach issues.  It was annoying at first, but now I enjoy coming up with new gluten and wheat free recipes, such as gluten free pasta dishes and crazy desserts!  If you're interested see my recipe for Gluten Free Dairy Free French Toast Cupcakes.

2) If I could live in any other time period besides this one, it would be hands down the 1920s.  I just love all the glamorous dresses, beautiful makeup, and the "Flapper" look.  Also, Coco Channel was just starting in the 20s and she is one of my greatest idols for her work in the fashion design industry. 

3) Another one of my idols is Nikki Phillippi, she is a beauty guru on youtube, I love her style, her bubbly personality, her weird but hilarious humor, and her determination in following her heart.  If you don't know who she is you should definitely check out her channel: Nikkiphillippi 

4) I have only been wearing a full face of makeup for about a year now, prior to that I was only wearing concealer and mascara.  I still have a lot to learn about makeup but I am enjoying it every step of the way!

5) Summer is my absolute favorite season!  I love really hot days at the beach laying in the sand.  Another thing that I love about the summer is the fashion, summer style is my favorite. Oh, and I can't forget my birthday, which is in July!

6)  Shopping is literally my FAVORITE activity.  I spend 12 hours at a time at my local mall buying and window shopping, its an obsession! I just get so excited when I get something new, I get really, really crazy!  I just did a haul from one of my latest shopping trips and it was gigantic! If you want to see it, the blogpost is titled: Spring Break Haul & Giveaway.

7) I love to play tennis, I have been playing since I was around four with my dad and started lessons when I was 12.  Also, this year, which was my Freshman year in High school I played for the school's team as JV First Doubles.  I'm really excited to start tennis back up in the fall again next year!

This or That Tag 

For this tag each sub heading will have two choices and I will choose which I like best! 


Blush or Bronzer
Bronzer, I love a good contour 

Lipgloss or Lipstick 
Lipstick, pinks are my favorite 

Eye liner or Mascara 

Foundation or Concealer
Concealer, always an essential 

Neutral or colored eyeshadow 

Brushes or Sponges 


OPI or China Glaze
I don't use either, my favorite brand is Sally Hanson

Long or Short

Natural or Acrylic
Natural, Acrylic ruins nails

Brights or Pastels 
Pastels of course

Flower or no Flower
 Flower, it looks so pretty 


Perfume or Body splash
Body splash 

Lotion or Body butter 
Body butter, especially in the winter

Body wash or Soap 
Body wash

Lush or other Bath company 
Bath and Body works, I get everything from there


Jeans or Sweatpants
Jeans, I only wear sweatpants at home

Long sleeves or short 
Short sleeves

Skirts or Dresses
Dresses, even though I own more skirts 

Stripes or Plaid

Flip flops or Sandals
Sandals, they are more dressed up 

Scarfs or Hats 
Infinity scarves in the winter 

Studs or other Earrings 

Necklaces or Bracelets

Heels or Flats 
Heels, I love how my feet look in them 

Cowboy or Riding boots 
I don't wear either

Jacket or Hoodie
Hoodie, I have like a million from Aeropostale and Hollister

Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 
Charlotte Russe 

Abercrombie or Hollister 
Lately Hollister

Sacks 5th or Nordstrom


Curly or Straight

Bun or Pony tail 
Pony tail

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips 
Bobby pins

Hairspray or Hair gel
I literally carry around a mini bottle of Hair spray in my purse

Long or short 

Light or Dark 

Side swept or full bangs
Side swept bangs

Down or up 


Rain or Shine
Shine, rain makes me sad

Summer or Winter 
Summer, I love really hot weather 

Fall or Spring 

Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate, Peanut butter cups are my favorite 

East coast or West coast 
East coast 

Nominations and Bloggers I Tag Info

These bloggers I nominate for the very inspiring blogger award, and tag to do the This or That Tag.  They must list seven random facts about themselves and then answer the This or That questions.  Then, tag others to do the same.  Also, be sure to mention me in the post!


I hope everyone enjoyed reading this and learning a bit more about me in the process.  Once again I am very thankful to the bloggers that nominated and tagged me!  Also, one of these pictures in this post is a little sneak preview of my next post, can you guess which picture it is?  You'll see soon enough!


I'm going to be at Beautycon NYC on May 24th!  I've never been before and I am super excited!  Any Bloggers or Youtubers who have been before leave a comment below or Tweet me @beautyybychloe because I really would like to know what to expect!  Anyone who is going this year, tell me in the comments or Tweet me @beautyybychloe because I would love to meet you!    

And don't forget to enter my Giveaway which I will be announcing on May 17th!  Until next time!






  1. I just did this tag as well..we have lots of similar answers! Take lots of pictures at BeautyCon!

  2. Haha twinning :) And I'll be sure to do a whole post on beauty con :D

  3. Thanks for doing the tag, lots of similar answers! :) ~ Mckenzie xx

  4. Loved getting to know more about you! And BeautyCon, that's so exciting! Have loads of fun and say hi to all the bloggers/youtubers!!

  5. This is random but my birthday is in July too! When's yours? Congratulations on these nominations

  6. Mckenzie, Thanks for tagging me! :)

  7. Laura, I sure will, and so happy you like the post!

  8. Abbie, not random at all, lol mines the 24th, when is yours?

  9. congrats, lovely blog :)


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