Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day♡DIY Decor Gifts & Fashion♡

Happy Valentines day!  Todays post is going to include fashion inspiration as well as some fun DIY decor & gift ideas to celebrate the holiday.  From the perfect gift idea for a loved one to some cute outfit inso for your Netflix night this post has got you covered wether your going out or staying in this Valentines day!



This first outfit is perfect for a romantic dinner date with your love.  This lovely cream dress lined with delicate baby pink tulle looks like a piece out of a storybook romance.  This dress from Tobi has such a romantic feminine feeling to it with the tulle, light colors, and sweetheart neckline, perfect for date night.  I paired this dress with stacked gold pearl bracelets, (you can never go wrong with pearls)!  And for a finishing touch I added a cream colored ribbon in my hair to match the dress.

Netflix Night

I for one will be spending Valentines day in my pajamas watching netflix, but I do adore festive pajamas!  This look is perfect for watching Netflix all night or maybe having a festive pamper night with your friends.  I have on these adorable red heart shorts from Aeropostale that I paired with a plain white tank top, so cute and cozy!  I also added this red bow hairband from Claires to match my shorts and complete the Valentines day look!

DIY Gifts 

Lipstick Art 

Lipstick art is a super cute and personal gift idea, a little twist on the classic V-day greeting card.  Just grab a frame, lipstick of your choice, and a pice of paper.  Write your valentines day message in lipstick (don't forget to give the paper a kiss)!

Scented Hearts

These scented fabric hearts are the perfect gift for your loved one!  Just grab printed fabric of your choice and fill your hearts with.... chia seeds?! Fill these hearts with chia seeds  and spray them with your favorite perfume, the seeds will absorb the perfume and keep your fabric hearts smelling just like you!  These cute fabric hearts of your perfume make a cute and personal gift this Valentines day! 

Fun DIY Projects 

This cute heart banner is an easy and fun project to decorate for the holiday!  Just punch out some hearts from festive paper and hang them on a ribbon.  Super cute and easy!

Other touches to decorate for the holiday are adding cute framed quotes or heart shaped pillows too your room.  Frame your favorite quote on love and use it as a decoration on your bedside table or add a cute heart pillow that you made to your bed, both are adorable ways to celebrate Valentines day!

Valentines Day Video 

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day!  Be sure to comment below how you celebrated the day, see you soon!


  1. Such cute ideas! I love the hairstyle with the ribbon.

  2. I love the DIY projects you have. I'm totally going to try the lipstick art.

    Check out my new blog post:

  3. Very cute post :)
    Maria V.

  4. These are lovely items for Valentine’s Day party. Loved these cute banners! You really did an awesome job. We celebrated this year’s Valentine’s Day at one of local party venues in NYC. It was such a memorable day!


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