Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer DIY Accessories & Room Decor

Hey everyone! Today on the blog I am going to show you how to make some Summer themed DIYs for those lazy summer days.  These projects include DIY accessories such as on trend chocker necklaces and pearl embellished flip-flops as wells as room decor including a summer themed printed canvas and an ocean inspired flower vase!  You can also follow along and make these DIYs with me in the youtube video below, lets get crafting!

Follow along! 

Pearl embellished flip flops 

~Flip Flops 
~Pearl beads
~Hot Glue gun 

~Hot Glue about eight multicolored pearl beads to the middle portion of the flip flop strap 
~Make the bow//Take a piece of ribbon and fold each end into the center, hot glue in place, repeat 
~Hot glue each bow to the side of the flip flops 
~Decorate the inside of the bow with pearls to finish 

These Flips flops are so cute, girly with a beachy vibe! They are perfect for spending a day on the boardwalk, and super affordable as well.

Charm Choker Necklaces 

~End Clasps 
~Lobster clasps 
~Jump rings
~Needle nose pliers 

~Cut a piece of string to the length of your neck
~Choose a charm and string it onto your necklace
~Attach an end clasp at each end of the string using pliers 
~Attach a Jump ring to each of the end clasps//jump rings open and close 
~Attach a Lobster clasp to one of the jump rings
~Wear your new necklace! 

I love making these choker necklaces, they are a simple and trendy accessory piece that can be personalized to your style!

 Ocean Flower Vase

~Bowl shaped vase
~Blue clear and white glass stones
~White shells

~Fill vase halfway with water
~Add seashells and glass stones 
~Place flowers in the vase to finish 

This ocean flower vase adds a beach vibe to any room, and I love my choice of these blue and white flowers!

Summer printed canvas

~Three colors of paint 
~Paint brush

~Paint Seashells and half a lemon with two different colors of paint
~Stamp painted objects randomly throughout the canvas
~Let dry
~Paint a message on the canvas in the third color of paint
~Hang on your wall when dry!

I love how this canvas is so fun and bright, plus it was a lot of fun to make! 

I hope you all enjoyed these Summer themed DIYs, comment below your favorite and I'll talk to you soon! 


  1. Really nice DIY Chloe. Keep up your great work! xx

  2. Love it, especially the shoes :D Great vid

    Alice x

    1. Thank you!!! I got a little crafty with the shoes haha :)

  3. I'm such a sucker for DIYs especially canvas ones. Great work xx

  4. Such cute DIY's! I love the flip flops!

  5. Thanks for sharing this DIY'S they look amazing!!
    IN 1997

  6. I'm waiting to re-do my room so I'll definitely refer back to this post and watch you video again for inspiration :)
    Peace xo

  7. I need to try these, they are all so so pretty

    1. Thank you!! be sure to tell me if you like them :)


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