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Wedding Trends ♡ Eva for Loverly Bridesmaid Dresses & Top Picks

Today on the blog I am talking about bridesmaids dresses, modern cuts colors and detail for spring 2015, specifically from the new Eva for Loverly line designed by Eva Franco.  Loverly, an online wedding shop and planning website sent me some of the designs for this line early in the month and I knew I would adore the collection of modern day vintage bridesmaid dresses with classic cuts and lace details.  I'm going to share with you my thoughts on this collection along with my top picks and thoughts on these trends for spring 2015. 

The Collection


The newly released Eva for Loverly collection consists of around forty bridesmaids dresses, jumpsuits, and separates in modern styles that give off a vintage, romantic feeling when worn walking down the isle.  The color palette consists of mostly neutrals; navy, pink, white, and ivory with a sprinkle of bright emeralds, blues, and a violet thrown into the mix.  Lace is prominent in these dresses, it's use brings a delicate femininity to the dresses and is paired with chiffon which is perfect for bridal wear.  The line has a wide variety of cuts, shapes and necklines from the classic A-line dresses with a high neckline to a sleeveless modern separate with a knee length skirt.  There are Jumpsuits, A-lines, Baby dolls, Body cons, Separates, all types of bridesmaids wear under the sun.  Eva for Loverly is the perfect collection of brides maids dresses for a modern garden wedding.

Top Picks

Ellie Dress

My first pick from the collection is the "Ellie Dress" an off white, lace, A-line, dress with a sweet but conservative sheer high neckline.  A-line dresses are a classic for bridesmaid's dresses and look great on just about anyone.  This dress specifically is unique because of the floral cream lace pattern that makes up the majority of the dress, it gives off a romantic innocent feel which is perfect for weddings.  The sheer high neckline is the delicate finishing touch that gives the dress a little extra elegance.  I would say the "Ellie Dress" is my favorite in this collection.

Jax & Paloma Set   

Another favorite of mine is the "Jax & Paloma Set", a white co-ord  with textured lace details.  This set caught my eye because it defies the traditional "bridesmaid dress" look being a two piece, and WHITE FOR A BRIDESMAID?!?!  This is a very trendy pick for bridesmaids and I happened to love it, the white coloring and simple knee length skirt looks crisp and clean, letting the lace take control of the outfit.  I personally wouldn't dress my bridesmaids in white but if you do have a colored wedding dress (I  know lots of people choose blush) this set would look gorgeous in the wedding party. 

Zoe Dress

The "Zoe Dress"  is my last pick, a pink champagne A-line dress with a with a lace leaf pattern through out that subtly glistens in the light.  The neutral pink coloring gives the dress a sweet and romantic feel while the classic cut gives it a beautiful simplicity.  The glistening lace leaf pattern makes the "Zoe dress" a perfect fit for an outdoor garden wedding ceremony and is sure to look complimentary next to any wedding gown . 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about this new line of bridesmaid dresses!  As a fashion fanatic myself I loved sharing my thoughts on these dresses from Loverly. Here's the link if you want to check them out: LINK Leave me your comments on what you think of the line below, see you soon.














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  1. I also love the Ellie Dress and the second navy dress. I love wedding dresses!

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