Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Studded Nail Tutorial

I always like to do my nails in colors and looks according to the season, so today I came up with this studded nail design for the fall that I will explain how to create in this post.


First I painted all of my nails except my ring finger with Essie's color 624 called Mink muffs.  On the ring finger I painted that nail with Essie's color 704 called Sew psyched. Then I applied a second coat once the colors dried.


Once my nails had dried completely I used my Love Aero studded nail stickers from Aeropostale.  To apply them I found the sticker that fit best with each nail and stuck them on.  Afterwords I needed to cut them to shape, then my nails were complete!

Here is the finished product!  This nail design is pretty for the fall with the neutral colors.  Also the studs are a great contrast giving the design a little bit of an edge and shine.  I hope you enjoyed my nail tutorial and if you happen to recreate it show me using the hashtag #beautyybychloe and all the products I used that are still available will be listed below.

Items Used 

Essie nail polish color 624 Mink muffs

Essie nail polish color 704  Sew psyched

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